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A large array of High powered orbital Magnetic Accelerator Cannons to obliterate incoming hostile alien fleets with densely radioactive rounds traveling at speeds of apx~ 87.97% the speed of light

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[Poll] New Languages

How dare you forget about K-Town Xoe :'(

Germans pretty damn awesome.
Germany is fucking awesome too.
When I was learning it I used German Dubbed anime as my study tool XD

Back in the day nearly all my online art friends live in Germany.

Das leben ist harte aber ich bin harter.

Russia I think is really cool too though I don't really know much about them besides there painters... Who are, mind you.
The best of the best.

RMNverse Arcade

Rmnian Roulette

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it's not loch-ez?


Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

well at least you yes but you now have a gun corfaisus

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Both those cats have spunk Corfaisus.

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Aquila the Blue Tongued Skink.
Say hello to rmn.
yip yop?

Editing topic titles.

oh i love it when people ask questions for me.
it happens far to often...

hey, hey! need some tips.

battles are over rated! (i have nothing to add)