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fight evil by moon light, win love by day light

When do you consider yourself "good" at something?

When your knowledge pools are over 9000!!!

(When you have done something so many times that you just kind of make the motions and things appear at rapid speeds.)

When do you consider yourself "good" at something?

*idk why it doubled posted again...

RMNverse Arcade

4k resolution

RMNverse Arcade

Has an in game strip club for Spice Girls to perform

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The girl in the back is saying, hm I think you need to go see a doctor. As the kid's OS is acting very unormally

What are you thinking about right now?

This one is my favorite.

In my mind I pictured that one being me!
Cuyo look very cute Mirak :D lol ya I've killed a number of hamsters in my life. Uncool stories of kids having pets.

Madjak I once was given a pet frog, I put it in a bug keeper with sharp colorful rocks. Unfortunately for it I basically tortured it while I slept and it was dead in the morning.

Lesson: always research before owning a pet!

wheres newblack

Well with 12 seconds of research I concluded it's very possible!

Esby is the NewBlack.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

i had this vague story in mind for a 2D platformer/sci fi anime.

it is the year 420X
the world is burning/dying.
there is no hope left.

however, using super advanced technology and A LOT of 420.
a young mexican drug dealer;
calls an inter dimensional magical girl, to help him kill all of his worst enemies, save his bro, and the whole universe.

just so they could all escape to the 'other world' together.

What are you thinking about right now?

i lack the math and programming to reprogram them. i want to see what 2 sets of 2 robots will do too. so it's like 2v2??? wtf. it's not true it's impossible, or,well... maybe... oh.

maybe in another universe? or... ahhh. ah FUCK

very well, i shale conduct 2 different experiments. one with with 2 sets of 2 robos.
another with my two current robos, and another.

PETA shale have my head for animal cruelty.
and the UN for crimes against humanity.

they will both just have to come up with a punishment, and then carry out the punishment onto me in unison (gfsblock)