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Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.




This game is adorable! I love your graphic style, it perfectly matches the humor of the game :D The characters are cute, quirky, and quite funny. The alpha works well. I think you did a good job :)

Also I got misty-eyed at the end. T_T

Some small notes from playing:
-When using the special skills repeatedly, we get dialogues like "She's too confused to confuse again" or "It's not tasty, better not to eat again", implying that it's better not to spam the skill. But the special skills deal more damage and have no penalty for overusing. It seems like you plan to add some balance later on?
-After beating Jack'O, the name tag on his dialogue is Vamp's.
-There are little quirks in your English that you'll want to have proofread before you release the final version of your game, but for the alpha it's fine :D
-Love the cat on the right side of the yard

Overall, the alpha feels like a complete short game - nice storytelling, polished graphics, good foundation for mechanics. I'm very excited to see how you'll expand this. :D

Painted Heart Review

Hahaha thanks piano! XD Yeah, I mean, I don't regret the art direction, just that I didn't give the worldbuilding or storytelling the love it deserves :D The best thing about playing an RPG is exploring the world and discovering new things, and as Cash mentioned also, this game didn't get to that. It's just a matter of hindsight and time management choices XD But, I am super happy that the art came out well and people can enjoy the aesthetic! Whenever you get to your review, I look forward to reading your advice and critiques too :)

Also, it's super awesome that you're making a game for your sister as a Christmas present! Yeah, it's a short time frame to the 24th, but I'm sure she'll love it whenever you can send it to her. It really means so much that you're investing this time to craft something to make someone happy. :D

Painted Heart Review

Just saw the new posts on this one...
Which explains a lot of things about the other one...
But, anyway!

@Bulma, Kylaila's reviews are always a joy to read and amazingly helpful :) They make good points on everything, and there's absolutely no reason to suggest that the 2.5 rating is unfairly low. This game was rushed and unpolished - Trass, Chaude, and I made it in a month, and I wasted a lot of time on graphics that could have gone into story and game design, which is why it visually looks so great but falls short as a game. :) I appreciate being told about the things that didn't work out more than the praise for doing something ok, so that I know how to make a better game for the next time.

Also, it's good to keep in mind that each person has different standards, and that just because someone with low standards gives a bad game 5 stars doesn't mean that every other game 'better' than that one also deserves 5 stars. Otherwise, everything would get 5 stars. :P

Painted Heart Review

Every time I log back into RMN...

Housekeeping, love that razzy title!

Bulma, thanks for spending your time playing PH :) I appreciate the details you added in your update. It's helpful to know that the game direction in the bridge area wasn't clear enough - it shows that I struggle with giving the player enough information to figure out how to proceed, and that's a pretty deadly flaw for any game. I'll definitely work on learning how to better communicate solutions to the player! There are many flaws to this game, but I'm glad you could have a fun experience despite them. Trass came up with all of the battle mechanics, so I'm sure he'll be happy that you found them interesting.

As other people have mentioned, giving very high or very low ratings on a review without a lot of text to explain why can be seen as trying to skew the ratings. I don't think there's anyone who would start a review war over this game, but I would prefer if it weren't a possibility :( A lot of people will use 'no rating' when their review focuses on opinion, and later include their personal rating system in the text, so that's an option if you'd like to avoid some controversy.

I hope you'll also review the rest of the games that you've played and enjoyed :D It's always great if you can tell the developer about your observations such as the things that are good, the things that need some work, and any other stuff you've noticed that developer may not have noticed while making it. For example that the puzzles don't make sense, or that there are graphics mistakes... Like the one Libby mentioned that will forever haunt me for forgetting to fix... T_T


I'm still in awe of how gorgeous this is whenever I catch a glimpse of it~

the intro to chapter 4 of hero's realm... D:

Well then, chapter 5 will be a doozy for ya!

Noooo will it really get worse than what happened to Laura-lee? ;-;

Kentona, you monster!

It's hard to be productive when browsing RMN, but I wasn't productive while away, either, so...

It's hard to be productive when playing mafia, too...

Now I know... once you start mafia, you can't go back...

Welcome back :D

Thanks unity!!! /o/

Hi accha! Come back and be unproductive with us!

Ohh I will Nova, I will.

Learn how!

Are there awards for articles? I feel like there should be awards for articles. The stock photography only makes it better.

[RM2K3] movie maker

The easiest way to get your movie made is to hire someone, to be honest.

For promotional videos you'll want Adobe After Effects, which is what the OFF video (and many other promotional videos) was probably made with. ToonBoom is also a good possibility, though that program does actual character/cartoon animation rather than video editing.

Here's the process of how you make a video like that OFF commercial:

Step 1) Create a storyboard.
You have to plan out what you're doing. What's the first thing the audience sees? What happens in the video? What does it look like?
You have to make conscious decisions about backgrounds, character placement, how close or far the camera is...
Here's a random example from google images.

Another example (image is too big to post)

In the OFF commercial, the creator decided: "In the first scene, we're looking down at the grinning cat. We're close enough that we're in front of the cat, but far enough that you can tell we're standing above it."

"In the second scene, we're looking at the distant Batter standing in a field with floating cubes. After you see him from far away, we'll cut to a close up of his face and zoom in."

"Next, I'll show the title and credits."

And so on...

Step 2) Make an animatic (optional).
After you draw out your storyboard, you can put it into a video program and make a slideshow of each frame. This way you can time it to the music, see if the story flows smoothly, and edit any parts that look bad.

Step 3) Create your art assets.
When you're happy with your planning, you can actually start making your video. You have to draw your backgrounds and your character/effect art, and save them as separate images. In the OFF video, the creator static drawings which he later manipulated while animating. He also prepared some of the characters for puppetting, which I'll go into in the next part.

Below gif, you can see that each drawing was made separately, but they were all arranged together into a scene.

Step 4) Place your art assets in the video creator and start animating.
Videos where static drawings become deformed, warped, resized, or translated are created with keyframe animation. In many video editing programs you can do basic things like moving an image's position, changing its size, flipping it, etc. However, more powerful animation programs like After Effects (and Toon Boom, Live2D...) allow you to manipulate your art assets through puppeting, which is how the tail of the cat moves independently of the body, the ears wiggle, etc...

For that cat, the creator made separate drawings for the head, body, and tail. It's not all one piece. They used puppeting to make those really wiggly motions, and simply moved the position of the head upwards to create that "looking up at you" motion. All of the animation in this video is actually quite simple, but very effective. The main parts of the animation are position and rotation changes of whole images, while the puppeting is used on parts that hang out (for example, the arms on the fish thing at :08) for extra movement.

Nowadays puppeting is often used in place of cel animation (drawing frame by frame) because it's a LOT less work. If you've seen visual novels where the girls' hair moves and waves around, that's puppeting. The hair is drawn as a separate layer/image below the girl; her main "base" body doesn't have any of that hair.

At 0:21, the explosion is created by scaling up gore and moving them slightly, etc...

The gameplay parts of the movie can simply be recorded with OBS or LoiLo or something.

So, the hardest part about making the video is planning out what happens, and then going through all this work to actually make it happen. Anyone can learn how to use these programs from online tutorials, but it's making your concept, planning out how to do it, then actually doing it that most people have trouble with.


it's been 84 years since I last came to rmn and it makes me so happy to see bossgame has a page now woot!!


So does it change to upset if you're low on HP?

Consider that Painted Heart boss idea (with accha's permission). References/cameos to past games are usually well-received after all if Mirror Boy is any indication.

By the way, I thought accha was a male 'cause her site ( said Antonio Clark. That's what happens when I make assumptions. :(

I don't mind if you think of me as a guy as long as you're thinking about me at all, bby. ;)
/cue the porno music

Anyway, I deleted my carbonmade a year ago, and it seems someone sniped the url afterward... Good thing this dude didn't post any freaky stuff!


It's definitely a commercial game too! We're hoping to release sometime towards the end of the year if possible! :D


I will buy this ;w;