what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
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RMN Tagline Thread

you're not a terrible judge of games

you're just bad

not terrible

edit: i'm just kidding you're pretty good don't doubt yourself don't sweat it you are the best

you are the best judger of games ever.

please be my wife.

Someone please immortalize the time Loser asked Kentona to be his wife

accha art, yay

Thanks slash!!
Yeah, the 2.5D camera in AE is super awesome (if you don't know how to use 3D camera programs like me ;_;) lol
It would be awesome to make something more like an anime intro, actually. You don't really realize how much effort they put into things like cinematography and... other filmy things... until you try to make one yourself >_>

I cosplayed for the first time yesterday... it was a lot of fun!

Yaaay! Very handsome slash, you make a great Ryuuko /o/

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

how could you guys ;_;

JK it's fine, I can be inspired by the idea that nhubi has written a large book's worth of reviews O_O

I tried once. Got about 30k before I got distracted.
Maybe I'll give it another go some year, but I've got too much on my plate this time.
Good luck, though, accha. c:

Whoaa you got really far! Good work on that ;_;
Thanks for the cheer, I hope you can make it another year too!!

It Moves

We should create a version of this called It Loves where all the creatures are replaced by love-hearty candy floss creatures and pink dandelions. It'll be a smash hit! :D

the true horror

Razed are the Powerful

Oh hey, now this looks like the type of game I'd like!

I... I don't think I can recognize any of the RTP characters if they're not in RTP, man. Non-RTP art is gorgeous though and very ironic.

Added to the playlist, hopefully I can get back to you soon with feedback =D

A Nivlacart of Art!

Whoaaa that coloring is gorgeous! Love the warm shadows, damn~
It's actually professional quality I think, on par with some of the battlers I've seen on some of the Japanese resource blogs =O

Art, art, everywhere... A massive art dump [Updated Dec 6, 2014]

Art evolution maxed.

Dr. Chlyne still freaks me out. Those early day drawings compared to the newest one, man.

slash does art

The Mirror Boy is really cute in that last drawing... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lily, the Rat Queen, and Robin are also very cool~ You seem to gravitate towards bright purples a lot, which is unusual but stylistically interesting. It looks good when you match the purple with the yellow and an analogous color (either the red or the blue) since it gives, I guess, a sense of color balance?

I don't actually know what I'm talking about but the overall message is that it's turning out nicely =D

I really do love your sketchy drawing style, though.

You are now trapped in the last TV show you watch, how doomed are you?

Nhubi sounds like she's ready for anything =O

Last thing I saw was a supernatural romance drama, so I'll be surrounded by beautiful people for 30 seconds until the Monster of the Week kills me.