what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.




Thank you very much Joseph and Homunculus ;w;)/

I'll try my best to use the right colors for them then, here's hoping it works out well!

The fan CD is inspired by the JRPG Ar tonelico series, which is notable because its magic is entirely based on singing and "magic words" executed through a giant computer-tower, on which everyone lives. It's actually mostly a very lighthearted fantasy game but the vocal songs are gorgeous!

The Japanese fans are incredibly talented as well, and they created original characters and hymn songs for their newest album \o/ *super hyped*


God Homunculus, your color palettes are amazing. The drawing face is hella freaky though :'''( You definitely drew it that way on purpose.

For WIPs I'm trying to do fanart of a fan-made music CD of a video game (hahahhaaha), but somehow it's not working the way I wanted. The scenery is coming along awesome but it's going to completely overshadow the characters, who are pretty much... stuffed along it...

Here's the initial sketch showing where the characters are supposed to be placed:

But, well, whatever. It's just fanart so I'll learn and move on once it's done.

Pizza The Place


That bright cyan color with the beige is pretty cool tho. It's cool how visually the area is clean but at the same time there are excellent environmental details.

NH97's Arts DUMP

Aah, super pretty! The bubbly shading you do is super cool, I can see the makings of a really great style here!
Especially in this one:

It shows a lot of advanced coloring and details. I think you'll become even more awesome really quickly, I look forward to it!

Bow down to our new Libertian overlord

Congrats Liberty~ /o/

Sooo... GamerGate

But anyway, I had thought about this thread on RMN, and I felt it was telling that it was mostly dudes arguing with other dudes, and that the women here were (mostly) conspicuously absent.

Now I'll post just to spite you. =P

Weighing in, I think the main problem with GG, SJW, radfems, etc. is that generally they have grown this mindset of "The other side is WRONG, they are horrible, and look at all of these horrible things they're doing!" Depending on how radical the members are, the following actions go from "We need to prove how WRONG they are" to "We need to absolutely destroy them". This type of attitude undermines everything these people supposedly stand for, and they're too self-unaware to see it.

Yes, I know that is the 'extremist' POV, but many of the people who read these 'extremist' posts are impressionable teenagers or adults who just want to get angry and feel like they're doing something good with their anger. And even if you're smart enough to realize how murky everything is, if you see enough propaganda you might find yourself believing it.

A lot of young people now are joining up as if it's an army -- Social Justice Warrior and Not Your Shield, indeed -- and they don't realize the goal is not to "destroy opposition" but to join together in cooperation or, at least, compromise. I suppose it's not possible anymore because of how quickly this controversy has mutated.

Anyway, I agree with the person who posted about how we, as gamemakers, are influential. You want to solve the issues raised by the Gamergate controversy, do something productive because of it. You have the particular skills that all of these other people are wasting. There they are, torturing themselves over how they need to prove something to the great nebulous force of society by angrily typing over the internet. Meanwhile, you could be making a game that lasts for years in the minds of young, impressionable gamers.

Personally what I'm getting from GG is that I should make a game that teaches people not to think they know everything about anything just because they read some skeezy blog posts (or blog posts masquerading as "news articles"), and also to not be dicks while pursuing 'justice' and then get all surprised when it comes back to bite them in the ass.

Video games: the new Aesop's Fables? Games are a kind of interactive story after all. In some ways it could be a better way of teaching morals and lessons if you execute it right.

Man, I should take my own advice and go gam mak now.

Dreaming Mary

Thanks very much nurvuss, I'm glad to hear that!
Also, I've just realized what word your name sounds like... clever. :'') *is slow

I hope you enjoy the game, Addit! And yeah, the pink, lol. Well, if you haven't seen any spoilers yet, I can assure you that not everything is pink =D

I'll look forward to any advice or critiques in your review!

Dreaming Mary

Thank you very much for playing! =D

I would like to see more from this series, maybe an actual horror game further exploring those dark themes which lead her to make the dreamland?

I actually have considered something along this vein with a very Silent Hill-esque atmosphere, but I think it may work better as a short story or some such rather than a game for the sake of a game.

Thanks for the support, I'll keep brainstorming the rest of the series and hopefully start working on making more cool games!

Pizza The Place

Nice textures again and good use of value treatments =D
Good luck with your term project. Will we get to see it when it's done?

Pizza The Place

God help me if I learn to pixel plaid.

Oh I dunno, I think that sounds like a good idea... =D