what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.



Dreaming Mary

Thank you all for playing!
And thank you Nirwanda for answering that question also XD

I wonder how you or your teammates could draw those sprites and tilesets in the game.

I actually didn't use tiles in the game and instead imported all of the backgrounds as character graphics (event graphics). This allows them to be any size and to stay stuck in one place, unlike images (unless you use the fixed image script).

Here's an example of what the editor looked like and also of one of the image sets I imported into character graphics.

Prepare yourself, RMN... The Battledome is opening it's gate tomorrow.

What is the Battledome?

Peri's assorted art

Peri you're too cool )''':
I'll also be referencing those links Pentagon dropped since I definitely need to learn more about this too ;w;

I love the design of your character and the beasties that accompany her. Spider limbs are awesome for adding creepy, but your use of them is also elegant. Also, I LOVE that bed scene. I hope it's supposed to be romantic because that's how it feels to me, even with the spiderhug.

accha art, yay

Wow! I really luv your style! If you don't mind im asking, how long did it get for you to be good in painting landscape?? i really need to improve my landscape arts......

Damn, I'm considered good at landscape? I'm flattered :''D

Well, checking out my old devart I think I only got good after I read a whole bunch of tutorials on perspective. There were about 3 years of basic struggling and then after the tutorial it all just clicked. Also it helps to gather a bunch of "reference" art (landscape art that you really love and inspires you) so you can study them.

The more you implicitly understand how the world works (or rather, how the world YOU are creating in your art works), the better you'll be able to focus on presenting art in a pleasing/well-executed way.

What makes and breaks landscape is the atmosphere I think. Interesting lighting and color palettes are what make them pop more than messy details that don't interact with the piece as a whole.


LOL Homunculus xD

I really love the middle one, but the last one is a good choice also.
Either way, good work~

Dreaming Mary Review

edit: I apologise Accha - I haven't actually played this game, and I mean no disrespect. I found Pentagram's review, and the discussion around it including your response, very thought-provoking.

Haha no worries, I didn't think you were throwing shade on me or anything XD
Good luck with your game as well, and it's good if this discussion helped you =D

Entering month 3 of almost zero gamemaking.

Hi five dude, and I hope you find a bolt of inspiration when you're ready for it. I'll be happy to see whatever you come up with next, whenever it is.

If you really do get low on ideas, though, you could always fall back on this:
We should create a version of this called It Loves where all the creatures are replaced by love-hearty candy floss creatures and pink dandelions. It'll be a smash hit! :D


2014 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

Definitely agree with your categories for It Moves, especially Best Setting and Best Atmosphere. I love its sound design as well. That was the stuff that really made me not want to play the game while playing it, since it was so terrifying. :''')

Character Art

This is really cute, and shiny =O

What is the biggest RM game?

We got more than 80 hours into it and still only completed the first major area of what's apparently three or four. I don't recommend the game but I would be surprised if there's any other game on this site that can rival its scope.


I'm imagining a club of RMN members playing the game together now, seeing who can last the longest.

Has anyone finished playing it? =O