what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.



Update 3 - Making decisions

It's looking good =D
I like the "Talent" part of the stats, hohoho.

Turtle ninjas are fine I bet =P

Pizza The Place

The patterns are gorgeous and charming! I really like the diagonal line detailing in particular. There's something very modern and fresh about them.

Art, art, everywhere... A massive art dump [Updated Dec 6, 2014]

The Earth Monk is so intense :'''')

It's awesome how strong your colors are and how you use unusual color combos (I think I wrote that before...)

Like with the soles of the shoes in your pixel work! I'd never think of doing it like that, but it works out really well.

Even if you're not quite happy with it you got it done, so good work /o/

Monster Illustrator, Animation, and Character Design

Thank you!

And i just realized you are a fellow Indonesian. :D
You make some nice music.

lol, oh gosh, that's not me XD
Trass is actually the music composer, though he is Indonesian! We work together a lot, probably you saw him post about one of our games.
Indeed, he makes nice music >w<)/

Monster Illustrator, Animation, and Character Design

Oh wow, awesome use of the blur effect to imply depth! The vibrancy of the blue skin and the yellow stripes is quite beautiful, too =D Not to mention the muscular detail.

Owls Stuff

My initial reaction was "Yeah, that's just a photo". Then I zoomed in.

... ¿I have absolutely no idea what you did but I know something significant was done?

[RMVX ACE] Flashanimations as Cutscenes?

OGV files are HEAVILY compressed, which is probably why it's used. You won't have to worry about size unless you have extremely long cutscenes. A 3 minute video is about 17 MB (when the video is scaled to the same size as the typical RMVXA screen, 544 x 416). If your cutscenes are about 30 seconds long, you could easily have quite a few of them without making your game heavy.

However, if your cutscenes are extremely long (say, 10 minutes), you're treading dangerous territory. I don't doubt that RPG Maker can truck along through it, but the player might get really impatient. After all, they want to play a game, not sit there for 10 minutes doing nothing. They can't idle it either, because if you click off the game screen while a movie plays, the movie will pause and only resume if the game window is active.

So, if your cutscenes are short, you can easily have a bunch of them in your game, yes. If you remove all of the unnecessary files from your game (RTP and any resources you didn't use, like those huge battle background graphics people insist on hoarding) then you'll have even more room for your movies.

Pizza The Place

Awesome, I love the new (I think) stuff you've made! The pixel scenery is especially gorgeous... It's really enviable how clean yet organic your work is. Those clouds, man.

Have I mentioned before that I love your color palettes?

Theatre of Strings: Chapter One - The Grief Princess

Ahh, saw this from the RMN tumblr! The scenery gifs are absolutely beautiful. I love the kind of aesthetic you're rocking. Good luck with development!

As a suggestion, if the frame in your screenshots is in the game as well (it's beautiful btw!), you may want to expand it so it's closer to the edges of the screen, or even reduce its opacity. That way it won't distract from the game itself, but the player can still enjoy it. =D

Revive the Dead

Accha, some things should stay dead. Please don't reincarnate into Bulmabriefs.

You're crushing my hopes and dreams, man.

(I didn't know who Bulmabriefs is but the search results are entertaining, to say the least.)