what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.



Painted Heart

Ahh, thanks for playing, Red! Thanks for the feedback as well~ If the sequel gets done I'll see if I can get Trass to make the element chart a pullup menu or something along those lines for easier access. Glad you enjoyed it!

Also, Sycreala has translated Painted Heart to Chinese:

Thank you very much for your hard work, it looks very well done! ;w;


Bahaha same here, long time no talk *also horrible

I'm really impressed by your process ;w; Your speed is already incredible by my standards (takes maybe 2~4 hours for a simple sprite?), but I'll wish you luck in improving =w=)b

Your explanation has helped me figure out some key things I need to be aware of / learn more (like practicing textures and doing much more research, for one...) so thank you for going into detail on this, I appreciate it ;w; And thank you for the kind words as well.

Dreaming Mary

Hello, i am new to RPG maker, i am currently practicing making games and i have ripped your sprites and using them because i liked them so much. i hope you don't mind?
I was going to try and do a tutorial showing off what i have made involving your sprites. if you don't like it i can remove it.
i have given credit to you in the post.
Get back to me if it's a problem.

If you're using them as practice that's fine! Using them in tutorials is fine as well, it would only be a problem if you plan to release a game using the art/music from Dreaming Mary.

Have fun!


so much detail ;__;

Hey Alex, do you have a time estimate for making each vehicle and each character? For the huge vehicles especially it feels like it'd take forever and a half to get them done!

And if you don't mind me asking, do you do a lot of research to get the visual concept of what you're making? Like for the broken truck, those fiddly parts on the inside don't look like the work of someone vaguely winging it (like I usually do) :''')

As Max said your stuff is awesome, and you're definitely one of the artists I look up to. Also, Blood Alloy looks amazing, congrats to the team on the Steam Greenlight!

Pizza The Place

I'm loving all of the screens you've posted, they're all top-notch. I've heard some people say that pixel art is getting outdated, but the way you do it is so crisp and modern.

I especially like the town tileset up there with the tall wire thingy, it just looks really interesting.

slash does art

I like the one of Perihelion's character. The dark green sits really well with the orangey-yellow & cyan.

I agree!! It has a lot of personality, especially with your style! Looks really great!
Mary looks adorable, thank you for drawing her as well~

The Rook Wakes guy is awesome too. Somehow your green bg + yellow figure palettes leave a great impression. I love the subtle line shading, it's definitely a good stylistic element for your art.

Your self portrait is cute, too! Good luck with the game jam, I'll look forward to seeing what you guys come out with! When you have the three nicest people with the bluntest guy on RMN, it'll for sure be interesting XD

Dreaming Mary

Congratulations o the Music and Artwork Misaos! Called it, knew it and expected it. I'm happy for ya.

Thank you!! /o/
I'm really happy too, especially since that's what Trass and I specialize in respectively.

Congrats to you as well for HOME's success!

2014 Misaos - The VOTENING

@accha: I mean no offence to the games mentioned. I rather liked them a lot for many different reasons, but I don't think some of them should be nominated for certain categories just because people only played that one game this year. But then, that's something of a thing each year. We're going to have to really do something about it. ^.^;

No offence taken at all! I was making a joke, but I think it was in bad taste, sorry >_<

I do however agree there could be better ways to ensure a higher degree of neutrality. In all honesty, I think weeding out the games nominated in categories that don't even apply should be done before the voting options are even made public.

Weeding out nominations means either playing the game and seeing if it meets criteria, or having other people play the game and tell you why it meets criteria. I may not come on RMN much but even I know kentona isn't doing the first one =P
Who would you suggest to weed out nominations?

2014 Misaos - The VOTENING

These are all three short games - under an hour each - and more deserving of top spot than a fan game and a game about paedophilia (no offence to these two games, but seriously - there were some great fucking games this year and people need to fucking play them more!)

im so offended

I agree though! After playing some of these games it's clear that there are a lot of great ones with amazing stories, characters, gameplay, and just overall impressions. There are still a lot more I need to play but I'll be voting for the ones I have in all the categories anyway.

How do you promote your WIP on RMN?

Tumblr likes tumblr-games (as in Pom Gets Wifi and its ilk). Quirky short and visually interesting games. Something that people can share to show how hip they are.
... Tumblr might work for that, if your game is hip enough.

To specify, with imgur your game meets the eye of a bunch of random people after it reaches User Submitted. If you have good visuals and concept, and don't have a description that can be nitpicked, you might succeed.

With tumblr, you need to establish connections to already popular topics, like by tagging your game with OTHER successful games so people following those tags can see it. It also helps if people with a lot of followers reblog-- for example if your friend A has 9001 followers, if he reblogs you get 9001 people viewing your stuff.

The point is you need a connection of interests that inspires people to put your work on their blog, and I sadly haven't seen where those interests connect as far as RPGs/non animu work. There are dozens of horror blogs but the RPG aggregate blogs are few or too generalized to attract a consistent hype-driven audience. It'd be cool if someone else who uses tumblr (like Liberty, maybe?) knows where to find those hubs though.

-Is Tumblr a good means of developing an audience while your game's in development?
-Once I get going, how often should I update said sites? I'm the kind of guy that likes to just keep his nose to the grind, but that seems like a great way to sell a game to an empty room.

To 'connect' to your audience you need to keep your Ask box open (allows people to send you messages that you answer and post publicly). If you don't update, you will get people asking why you haven't updated. Blogs popular with the younger gen like Pocket Mirror and Mica often get tons of requests to draw their characters in christmas theme and with crossovers with X game, or to answer what MC's favorite pokemon is, etc. However, you can stymie some of these by not allowing people to ask anonymously. Basic internet knowledge can tell you why letting people contact you anonymously is a bad idea.

But, if you play it right by being charming, interesting, or just having really damn good game content, you can get a decent to large following.

As small help to you Housekeeping, if you ever want a promo vid I can offer to make a nice-looking one for free so long as you hand me the assets you want included (gameplay clips, promo art, and music/other sound clips) and tell me what audience you're looking for + what impression you want to give them.

BTW, how is reddit for advertising your games?