I'm an 2D animator that dabbles in game design.
2 Freelancing Mercenaries try and save a small town from the curse of the Goblin King




^ Haha, that's kind of what I was banking on. I was trying to compensate for my lack of game design experience by going all in on the art.

[Review Request]

Name: Tangerine
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8947/
Status: Demo (2nd Demo) currently on brief hiatus
Genre: visual novel/classical rpg
Estimated length: Approx. 30 minutes to complete demo
Small description: 2 freelance mercinaries (known as Lancers) try and rescue a small town from the curse of The Goblin King.
Special requests: I'm interested in knowing if the boss fight with Gargus is too difficult. I want the game to be challenging, but not unbeatable. Also interested in what you think I have in place for the story so far. There's a third character missing from this demo that will provide a little more interaction and context for the characters in the final game, but I want to get opinions based on what I currently have in the demo.

[RMMV] Making Backgrounds

I think you're referring to doing parallax backgrounds instead of using the tile system:

You have to just draw your entire background separately, while keeping your game's screen size in mind. Then you can add it to your map in map properties and use Yanfly's restrictions plug in to block off the parts you don't want the player to walk through.

As for your plugins not working, I know that if you use a lot of different plugins from a lot of different sources they're not always compatible with each other. And also the stacking order matters for certain plugins, for example Yanfly's core plugin has to be at the top of the plugin manager in order for it to work.

And for taking screenshots, if you have windows 10 you can use the snipping tool by just typing "snipping tool" into your start menu search thingy and crop out a screen shot while your game is running.

Hope this helps.

[RMXP] temporarily disable battle processing

I'm working on a cutscene that happens immediately after a boss fight where some effects + dialogue happens, but everytime I want to run a test to see how it looks, I have to manually beat the boss during the test run to see the cutscene afterwards.

My question: is there a way to temporarily disable battle processing or skip over the scripted battle so I don't have to waste 20 minutes fighting my boss over and over just to test out the cutscene?


The sprite work looks amazing!

[RMXP] Battle Cut-in Animation

Is there a way to do this in RMXP's default battle system:


Great art!
Thank you!


I'm still alive and I'm still working on this! Work and life just slowed me down. I'll have new screenshots posted at some point.



ChronoTrigger inspired song

I totally might use this!
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