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[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

That's an interesting angle. I don't think he would have publicly revealed that he asked and had those answered as scum though. He could have just as easily not said anything and tried to lead us into thinking seer could detect sorcerer.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I'm not opposing a joke claim. I'm opposing altiyas whole not hint at their role comment on what was obviously odd making a jokeclaim. I have no issues with odds claim.

I'm not here for much longer tonight and I doubt anythings gonna happen. Figured I'd clarify that since I am here.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

Also, don't take that post as me saying you should claim, because you shouldn't make a real claim at this stage. I was merely explaining there isn't any rule that you can't claim or hint at your role.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

There isn't any rule that you can't claim. Doesn't mean it has to be a real claim either. The only real thing was the weird whole don't talk about mason thing, but that was removed. Anyone is free to claim if they want to, and odd even said he was going to claim sorcerer before the game began. I even felt psy's vote wasn't all that serious.

I could lynch for just the rp as a day 1 vote where we have no leads, but I don't really like this odd chain very much. I have no real read on him, but the whole don't hint at your role thing on what was obviously a joke claim doesn't mesh well with me.

#lynch atiya

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

That almost sounds like you are confessing to be a werewolf.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I just got home from work. The problem with rp is how are you going to scumhunt while reading two paragraphs of rp? It's nigh impossible. I'm not against rp in general, but I feel it's bad in mafia.

I'll allow rp if someone convinces muffle to give me 10 silver bullets though.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

Hey guys, just so you know I'm not going to be the sorcerer. After all I am carrying swords clearly shown by my avatar. They are also coated in wolfsbane.

Also emily, I know for a fact you do not have the necessary item to pick up a bomb flower yet.

[MAFIA] Unbalanced Mafia - GAME OVER

I considered two options with my power. First was to claim cop day 2 and go for an early victory, but I felt that came with risks. Who legitimately claims cop on d2 after all. The other was to make a plausible fakeclaim. I wanted to make it as indie sounding as possible while being honest about the activation condition.

Also I agree, this game was definitely something.

[MAFIA] Unbalanced Mafia - GAME OVER

There wasn't any way I could reveal the truth about my power. I considered not using it and going for a rebel alliance win, but I didn't want to take any chances from potential other powers I might not know about. I went with a way that guaranteed my win.

I also considered just claiming cop day 2 early on and going for a win that way, but I felt that was risky with a bunch of unknown powers in play.

Hope you feel better odd!

[MAFIA] Unbalanced Mafia - GAME OVER

Let's go for a perfect indie victory. My target last night was cave. Let's kill him so my power activates. The only ones who haven't claimed indie were cave and tale, so one of the two was a natural pick.

I do find it a bit strange that there wasn't a nk (modkill aside, latts power makes me think he was one of the scum), but ignoring that this move should lead us to a victory.

#lynch cave