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Exile's Journey
A disgraced knight must face his internal conflicts when the world is in danger.



Exile's Journey Review

Thank you for the review! I greatly enjoyed making this game, so it makes me happy to see others enjoy playing it! I will take everything I learned from making this to make my future games even better. I appreciate your support.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse Review

Wow. Better than Chrono Trigger? That's insanely high praise! And here I am, hoping that my game is at least half as good as the SNES classics.

Blackmoon Prophecy Review

Yeah, maybe having an NPC mention where chocobos lurk would be a good idea for players who aren't used to the classic FF games.


Great review, I agree with everything you mentioned. Though I might've even considered giving this game a four out of five.

Hellucination v2.0 Review

Hey, I'm not sure if you're interested but I'm coming out with a new version of this that fixes many of the issues addressed in your helpful review. I know it's years old now, but thanks for the review. I was absent from the 'scene' for a few years.

Hellucination v1.3 Review

Thanks for the review. Seriously, this really helps.
I'm releasing a new version soon with adjusted difficulty, fixed bugs, more weapons, and redesigned levels. Level 2 is now much longer (with a boss battle), Level 4 has been completely redone, and Level 8's castle inner has been redone and is now MUCH better looking. You won't find yourself running out of ammo in this version. I hope you play it when it's released.
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