Hey there. :-) I'm just a guy in his 20s who loves RPGs and creates them as a hobby.
Exile's Journey
A disgraced knight must face his internal conflicts when the world is in danger.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

Ryuzaki, you're off to a nice start. Try to add more variation in your cliff tiles in order to make things less "square". Take a look at this:

You'll notice that in this screenshot, the cliffs aren't standing in a straight line of more than two tiles at a time before they curve. I usually try to make sure that cliffs aren't straight for more than three tiles at a time. This helps to make things look more natural and realistic.

It also helps to vary the height of cliffs from time to time, if possible. When it comes to streams and rivers, you should try to make them look a little bit "random", too.

Exile's Journey

I've tried both and it doesn't work, save points just automatically activate and makes me save or not and I can't find Adaem anywhere in my party.

Hello, ivoryjones. I may have already answered this for you on Discord, but you can change your party members by pressing the shift key.

Exile's Journey

Hello, i just wanted to know if there's something to do to get the music work, i'm french maybe my rtp doesn't work the same way as your's, and your music seem's to be amazing, so i would like to ear it, tell me if you see anything i can do, thanks...

Do you hear any sound at all when you play the game? For example, do you hear the menu sound effects?

Chronology of the Last Era

How's development going on this?

Exile's Journey

Congratulations on winning two Misaos this year, bud!
I've been waiting for the right opportunity to play this game. I need to catch a cold so I can stay home for a couple of weeks x)

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it!

Exile's Journey

Thanks, gool! :)

RPG Maker games obscurity iceberg

I kind of assumed 'Donald Fuck RPG' would be near the bottom because it's in a league of its own in terms of why anyone would play it. It got renewed interest by some people over the years just because it's a weird blend of joke game and fangame that's not played out of irony but some exploration of having licensed characters say swear words and bypassing any kind of "in character" tone that a fan would bother with.

Donald Fuck RPG and the Dooms series should be in a category of their own at the bottom.

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

*Edit: Exile's Journey may have a new download added in a demo period to present to players before it was marked as "complete". Or, I think it might be possible that the new download that constituted it's completion was added sometimes this year, but the fact that it had a demo at all also allowed it to be nominated for "Best Demo". I'm not actually sure if that's the case, but, I think I recall being able to nominate WaUTaH this year for "Best Demo", despite how the only download that was added was the final/complete builds of the game.

There was never a demo for Exile's Journey. I released the full game and then followed up with a bunch of patches. So, to those reading this, feel free to nominate Shadow Seeker or Soma Union instead. :)


This is so cool!

Memories From a Dream

Interesting stuff...
I wish gacha mode could be played on the first run...

I will consider that.