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I certainly could add a couple more Oases to the east of the little dunes, however the large Oasis was a decision to give the continent an "eye" in reference to that specific continent's name. It aldo has implications later on in the game, so breaking it up wasn't something I'd be particularly fond of from the standpoint of my plan.

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The testing is a wonderful idea for tweaking my combat system, one of the three things I need to improve.

However, is the Zelda-style exploration necessarily a bad thing?
I have a massive sort of walled in province that encompasses a large city, several small farming and fishing villages, a university, 3 towers, and a few small forests. I had intended to make this specific area be explored in the Zelda-esque room-style to give it a sense of scale and allow me more room to toy with the events that will transpire there.

In other words, what I'd like to know is if I'm wasting my time with ambition, or is this a project that could add flair to the game?

Map Designs

Also your blocker gates in the dungeon don't / won't work. When they're down, you need to make them 'Through.' To be honest, I'm happy you made shutters and switches like that. A lot of dungeon makers don't.

I'm happy with your dungeon making skills. Not the giant bandit hideout, but the other one. The one that's compact and uses the random generator that you detailed. Much better than other first timers.

Talking helps motivation :-)

Ahh, thanks for the tip on that. A couple of buddies I asked to test never got around to actually testing, so that's a helpful bug soon-to-be-fixed. I also never really intended for the giant bandit hideout to be more than filler and tutorial for the player; let them learn the ropes you know? It was also my crash course in switches and game-style storyteling. In any case, I personally preferred making the dungeon in tandem with the generator, it felt....right. In any case, I intend on using the generator to make several other dungeons in the game. Of course, they'll have my personal touches.

My sincerest thanks for all the feedback you' It's wonderful and is really helping to motivate the production.

Map Designs

I much appreciate the pointers. I intend to implement the black borders shortly.

I also intend to revamp Telbooze thanks to your pointers, taking a look at it, it feels incredibly amateur-ish, and even uninhabited.

The dashing disable was unintentional, I may have accidentally turned it on here and there when I didn't intend to.

The obstacle I foresee with these pointers is that there a quite a few events mixed in with Telbooze, and re-adjusting is going to be a long and difficult battle. It also seems difficult to make a second floor appear.....real. I'll keep experimenting with that though.

Some serious thanks, my motivation was nearly run out, but feedback and criticism is wonderful for that problem. Thanks again!

Map Designs

I know, I know, but a couple of pointers is something I feel would both motivate me to continue, as the mapping is really turning me off here, as well as make the game more interesting.

I'm truly devoted to the project, but it stops being a project and becomes work the more I map >.<

Chastitas: The Broken Land

I fear I worded that poorly,
Akai will no longer end the game prematurely. Instead, as was originally intended, he kicks your ass on purpose, and then dialogue and stuff get mixed and you end up kicking Akai's ass.

Chastitas: The Broken Land

New, Improved, and Extended demonstration has been released as of 7:57 PM, 1/20/2014
US Mountain Time.

Chastitas: The Broken Land

Hey Urano, thanks for the feedback. I'm definitely going to save that list there and use it as some notes. As for the unable to heal part, I believe I should've informed the player what the uses of some items would be, as well as point out the "First Aid" skill which can only be used outside of battle. I'm definitely going to have to work on that. As for testing out the battles with Akai, It seemed fine when I played through it. Did you remember to put on the equipment you found? Nonetheless, I failed to realize that players may occasionally need direction.

Thanks again!


I worked with what I had and could find. Besides, I think it makes each character have a bit of personal flair, don't you think?

Chastitas: The Broken Land

Initial Demo released and available at 6:00 PM 1/10/2014