It's like toothpicks against a tank
A character-driven, steampunk-fantasy RPG



Legacies of Dondoran

I'm sorry, it's been lost to time. :\

Legacies of Dondoran

Good game...but sometimes frustrating.
I didn't finished it because of the Alma bug....but even so, there are some real
frustrating parts, like the action sequence (RPGMaker is just not for action)
or the slow walking....the last dungeon (optional) were you party sometimes gets stuck between the life sucking enemies without hope to escape.
Anyway, for a few hours it was fun.

Glad to see so many years later ppl still trying it out!


All those equipments with amazing names and then black belt.


Yeah, it's because Black Belt and the Signet aren't craftable/enhancable like the rest, which gives them named suffixes

Does anyone remember GamingGroundZero? (Remembering GamingGroundZero)

We need an RPG Maker community historian or something.

-Don Miguel had an adventure
-RPG Advocate advocated for COOL SYSTEMS
-A rash of sites spawned, all equally toxic as hell
-RMN came along as everything else whithered on the vine
-Aveyond's success inspired hate and jealousy
-RMWeb grew with the participation of Kadokawa/Degica, much less toxic

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Inconsistent light source. Typically it comes from one side or another just so it's consistent.

Holy shit, Blindmind. That is some sick pixel art!

[Poll] What is your favorite universe and why?

I used to lay awake at night for hours fantasizing for hours about living in the Secret of Mana world. Phannah was my wife and the sprite was our child, for some reason.

Heh. I can't talk because I did the same thing with Terra. Still to this day the sight of her green hair gives me a rush of oxytocin.

What is RMN even GOOD FOR?

The screenshot thread "looks good" meme is timeless.

[Poll] What is your favorite universe and why?

always thought the world of Secret of Mana would be nice as a kid.

'Cept everything cute wants to kill you

Your gam in a nut shell

I saw this years ago and was like "Oh crap, I actually use two of these cliches in my first released game. The 'The monsters are getting stronger here too' and 'final final battle involves random new plot device skill/s that are the only reason you win', what do I do?!" XD

Then again, not all tropes are bad if used correctly...right? R-right? >_>

Seriously though I cracked up all over again at "See you in 40 to 60 hours!", and the Inciting Incident festival sounds like a great time. I should see if there are any local ones...

We've all done it. I have a talking cat in literally every game I've published.

Your gam in a nut shell

Wrong, the final boss doesn't turn into a weirdly sexy female shaped thing until the 2nd to last form.