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DotPlus Review

Thank you so much for the review! I couldn't agree more on the addictiveness aspect of the game. This is probably because I can't balance the difficulty without making the player too stressful like you said. It was a fun and challenging game to make, trying to tie in a simple math into the gameplay. :)

Pretty URLs!

I like my URLs pretty. Thanks a lot, WIP!

How to get RPG Maker 2003 do things other than RPGs.

Yeah don't use RM2K3. Go with Game Maker would be much better if you're looking for Action RPG. Even RMVX and RMXP might be too difficult considering you have to deal with Ruby and RGSS.

Or you can try Construct as well, it seems solid and better than Game Maker though I am not sure if it's stable yet.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Make me wanna try this A6 engine myself. Though, I think a video would do it justice more than screenshots!

Alice In Underground

Yeah, I do agree with you on that point. Anyway, I didn't mean to add the sound as the last thing to do though, because it isn't just sound but most of the effect ( particle effect etc. ) are also not finals and/or haven't been added.

I've talked to Brandon Abley about the music and hopefully we'll have some music and sound effect on the next demo!

This demo was put together to submit for HBGame contest. I won't be using GM anymore considering I don't need to rush for the contest deadline so I release what I have so far to hear feedback about how well the game is played and if they find it too difficult or too easy :)

Alice In Underground

Nope. There is neither sound nor music at the moment :O

Takuto - A flash visual novel

I'm sorry but I couldn't stand to get pass the first screen due to the speed of the text. It would be much better if we can read it at our own pace instead of being forced to wait for the text to show :(

Misao Results for 2009!

I was surprised to see U.S.G. there. The game was on 2008 and shouldn't be voted, no? :O

Where does your stuff come from?

I don't really watch tv series anime anymore, not that i don't like them it's just that I don't have time and I couldn't find an anime that I would really like to sit and watch.

But I do watch a lot of movies, play a lot of games and read a lot of stuffs. Stuffs I read include novels, science journal/books, true crime books, psychology book, comic strips, and mangas.

Usually my inspiration come from various sources. Some game ideas just popped up in my head while I was surfing through people's deviantart gallery. Like, I was looking at this picture and 'Hmm, what if I turn this into a story and make it into a game?' Or sometime I was listening to the music and then the lyric gave me ideas about the game. Friends/people also give me ideas sometime. One of the girl scenario of my dating sim game is inspired from what my friend told me about her best friend.

Also, Piti and me like to twist the classic stories or fairy tales stuff, so most of the idea we got will most likely be applied to that and see if it works lol.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Wow, I didn't notice that before. The reason we made the ground a bit blur is because we want to make the characters and other objects in the game that is interact-able stand out from the scene. Should have made two versions and try and see which one is better X(

I guess it's too late to change it now since that would mean Piti has to redo the ground of all the stages so I'll just leave it like that.

I'll post a video once the whole stage is finished. Should be on this Saturday or Sunday :)