I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Super RMN Bros. 3

Just letting you know, my levels have been edited once again.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Ends 04/01/2012 08:00 PM

Hmmm.... I see you've moved another day. How dare you.(Just kidding, I'm not impatient to see this game like some people) And I wonder why you moved it to April 1st :D

Super RMN Bros. 3

Ok, I'm glad I've only got a few problems left. Hmmmm, the boom-boom part was weird. The first time I tested it nothing happened after I beat them. Then, I fixed eventing and it worked then. Why is it not working now? I'll look into it.
(After I looked at it) Ok, when I played through it... it worked.... Maybe in the confusion of all the re-uploading(confusion for me) I didn't realize my latest fix on the boss fixed that problem and I didn't re-upload that. Hmm...

And the coins in the shaft. I kinda... did place them according to how mario jumps. I tested them myself and could grab every one. But the coins do sort of connect with other coins in different jumps. It's probably unclear which coins go in which jump. I'll look into it.


@Everguardtechnically it's fanart, but I think I'm gonna try to incorporate it in some way. maybe as something in the game, or a banner of some sort?

How about you have some sort of concept art gallery offered, and you can unlock art as you go through the game. It's a idea I was going to use for my game(Except in the form of a actual, physical map acting as the gallery) but I don't have anyone to make art for me, like you do heh. You can have a script that opens up menus to show the pictures, or you can have what I said, a physical gallery map, where the character can walk up to pictures on the wall and view them then.

It's just an idea though, a way I think it would be cool to show art in the game.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I don't get lag problems, luckily, which is funny cause my computer isn't very good. And I'm using Windows 7 as well. But anyway, I'm working on a couple levels where I'm challenging myself(For the fun of it) using just NPCs, Backgrounds, and blocks from SMB1. I know people have done that before, but I thought it would be good to get a good sense of the SMB1 stuff offered. Doing this will make me more aware of SMB1 things to use for later levels, probably. I'm gonna do the same for the other SMBs too.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Ok, what's up there now is the FINAL version of Snow Mountain Castle. Alot of constant changes went to the Boom-Booms. But I tested and it should be good, without one just shooting fireballs easilly.

Also, Jackalotrun, try not to post so much with such little said in each post. If you have something else to add, edit your last post. It's not a big problem, I've just noticed it, I don't mean to be mean.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Sorry for making this complicated! ^^;

It's alright, I'll get right to fixing my problems. My fault for such poor design

EDIT: I fixed Forest Castle problems. I believe this time it's finished for good,
but I'm ready for anything else I need to edit. I'm gonna work on the Snow Mountain
Castle now.

EDIT 2: Ok, I fixed Snow Mountain Castle problems. Graphical changes complete and I've re-uploaded it. There's two finished works hopefully. The problem with freezing koopas and getting stuck. I tried on purpose to freeze them in certain areas. No problem in first section with koopas, but I did find that problem with the second section of koopas. So I closed that unneeded open area off, to prevent them from being unreachable. Also, about the boom-boom spot. I went with your idea at first, but then my brother Seiromem gave a idea that works that I like. I just realised though that you can still shoot fireballs from above... So hold on, gotta fix that too.(Edit 3: I'm going to re-upload one more time.)

Super RMN Bros. 3

well than I have no idea I'll investigate more when I get home.

Thanks for taking the time to do so if you do. I'm trying to make the level have a more icy feel, with... Ice Lava... yep, it's possible :D.

Super RMN Bros. 3

It shares the same graphic as a fireball jumping in / out of the lava.
If I remember correctly it was pretty early in the effects. Like # 20 or something. Again I don't have smbx which to check it out from.

That effect is actually those pink guys, and there is no fireball effect included in effects. I found the fireball in NPCs, changed that, but still didn't change anything.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I will look at outcry312's updated stages tomorrow. Been a long day. Jackalotrun, please heed the advice at the top of the previous post. If you have an idea for a new level, tack it onto the end of one of your existing levels instead. F'reals.

Btw, with my graphical change with the lava. When a enemy dies, it still splashes red lava. I tried to find the effect graphic of it but can't find it. If you know which graphic it is, tell me. To see for yourself, throw a shell in lava or something. You'll see what effect I'm talking about. I looked all over for it.(For Snow Mountain Castle by the way)