I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Super RMN Bros. 3

No need to take the current versions of your levels down, outcry. Who knows; you might pick up some extra advice for their next iterations.
Yes I am still busy and sorry for being so.

Alright, I'll put them back up there. First Snow Mountain Castle since I havn't gotten to working on that yet. But for forest castle I've already got some stuff worked on, but it's incomplete. I'd rather wait to re-upload that, at least until my basic additions are there, because I'd rather not have half-finished things in the level.

EDIT: Snow Mountain Castle now up in it's original state.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I'm doing a temporary downtime for my levels. That's why there are none there, I'm editting them to fit my new bonus star thing. I'm not changing the original design, just adding to them.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Fast thoughts on Snow Mountain Castle!
Very intricate puzzle / adventure level.
Not much to complaine.
Puzzles take a bit time to figure out but should probably be solved in 2 minutes or so.
The section with multiple thwomps could use a extra power-up since I died twice there due to my unrealization that you can run underneath fine as mini mario.
The final battle thing I got a bit unlucky with since a Koopa spawned right on top of me ensuring a cheap hit.
I haven't checked the editor yet so I don't know much about real hidden goodies EXCEPT the star which was to be honest really easy to find.
I believe the blocks that lead up should not be immediatly visible from the entrance.
Having them tucked up so that by climbing those stairs you can see em' could probably solve the problem, maybe.
But, otherwise really good asfar as I can tell.
I can't leave anymore details since I'm already hard pressed by time, If I get a chance I'll do it later, unless somebody beats me to the punch.
Also I'm not coloring / spell checking my letter but you already know why so I hope you don't mind.
Really enjoyed it, looking forward for more!

Yea, exactly, the star is easy. I might just go with my red coin idea, I'm not good at hiding stars like that. I'll change the bonus star to a 8 coin type thing(Keeping where the "secret star" used to be for a red coin probably.) Expect some new locations in that level then. And, I'll do the same to Forest Castle, so new locations in that too.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Alright, I got another level dished out. Snow Mountain Castle, different theme this time. I went for a little more difficult, with some puzzle. There IS also a secret star, tell me if it's too easy, that became a conflicting issue with me. Would people notice the secret easily or no? There's also the option of changing it with my new idea. Instead, I might have a recurring aspect where you have to gather like, the 8 red coins to unlock the secret star in each of my castles. Or something. I'd probably change the forest castle to suit that too. Hmmmm. But anyway, I'll start designing my next level.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I fixed everything that was listed in your review, Hali. One issue though, was music. I assumed when you said the random change to castle, you meant at the end of the level right? Well I changed it, I'm not sure if you also mean the Lost Woods 1st half as well. Seeing some of these nitpicks in my next level, so good thing I'm fixing them in the next one now. No more instantaneous warps. I'm planning to submit at least 3, that's my target. I'm doing a castle now, in the snowy mountain, keeping with a sort of theme for these levels. My third one will probably be desert tombish. But tell me if too many castles is.. is rather too many castles for one game. Then, maybe I'll stop at 10 castles :D.(Just Kidding)

Super RMN Bros. 3

I've submitted a Forest Castle level. I might do a couple other castle themes, with the same set-up(Enter from outside, 1st half the terrain, second half the castle). It's half forest, half dungeon.

Based off the fact it's split into two halves, I have a specific request for feedback.(From when the music changes and on is the second half) When comparing the two halves, do you think the dungeon should have more content or is the level too long already?(After you've played it of course)

Music Challenge - Phase 3 Results

I'll vote to help out, my vote will be 15
Well, not just to help out, I enjoyed judging the pieces, I meant to vote for the other 2 stages but, too late for that(obviously). Anyway, that's my favorite one.

Act names Confirmed/Act Story Info(Update)

What made you decide each act needed two parts?(Except for the last) And I see a Act V with two different names and in two different games. I'm just curious of your design methods. I like to design my games by act as well, similar to this. Except without so many game at once, hah. And does this mean you have each one fully planned before you started naming them?

2011 RMN Summer Games

Well, with my game I've got all music, character graphics, and the whole story script written out. I only have to begin making the cutscenes and as I go along, the gameplay which I have planned out already. I have already made half the maps, the other half is where some gameplay is. My page will explain that though. Once I'm done.

(To the discussion above)I do better with more time. I think a month is way better then a week. But that's just because I work better with more time(Like I already said). With others, I understand if they do better in less time.