I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I know Act I has a lot of problems in its current state, largely since it was my first game and I didn't really know what I was doing. But I've definitely applied what I've learned since to the CE version. Was there a problem you ran into in Act III?

I understand, I've gone through many "first" games without actually finishing it, starting over to re-do it with what I learned and then the cycle has continued for the last few years. I'm close with a final idea for my first game though, but about your question.

In act 3... it was a long time ago since I played so I don't remember exactly. But there was this manor I had to go through, and I sort of knew what I had to do, but couldn't find the way or where to do it. The path wasn't very clear and I ended up going around in circles there trying to find what I had to do. I remember leaving the manor to try somewhere else, and ended up finding a unreal house, and I was alone, as just Auria. Here, the battles got me, I couldn't survive in the place so I guess I just got stuck and decided to take a break from the game. I doubt it was because of problems with the game though, it might of just been me and my below-average skill at the game.

Well, okay, I was good at it, but not good enough at that part. I would of started over and tried to set up my characters better, level up better and stuff, but I decided I'd wait until your complete version, that's what stopped me. I bet I could of beat act 3 if I kept trying on my second playthrough, but decided I would of just started over again in the complete version, so I would wait until then.

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

Well, from the looks of it, my problems with the acts are being fixed in the complete edition.(There weren't many) I'd say, this is my second-favorite game on this site, Sailerius. Good story, good characters, I found your music very good. I didn't find ALL the music "memorable". But I never do for any other games on this site. But with one exception, your music for the city "Viadahn" was the first memorable music I've heard in a RPG-Maker game.

When I turn on some VG music to listen to, I play my final fantasy 10 favorites, ocarina of time favorites, shadow of the colossus favorites, and many more, including that city's music. My favorite location in the game would be that place, very pretty.

So yeah, I thought I'd mention my thoughts on it, give some positive feedback. I don't have any bad feedback, really... except for act 1, it was sort of annoying. But good enough to get me into act 2, which got me to like the game. Never managed to beat Act 3 though... I'll wait for the complete edition to try again.

So, that's my take on the game, definately 4.5 out of 5.
Edit:(Sorry about my random comment in the middle of the bug report)

EpiQuest 2

Oh, well then that's alright then, it's not like it matters to me what the characters look like, just checking to see if you considered. I knew you probably already knew about it but decided to say it anyways.

Good, well I do like the first one, havn't gotten far cause I decided I didn't like my decision, so I ended up stopping cause I had to do the beginning all over again.
But I'll definately be playing this one, it's a good series so far.

EpiQuest 2

I see your still using default graphics, are you sure you can't make custom characters? It would look alot better. If you wanna try, use this maker, it's a different language but everyone pretty much knows this generator and it's easy to understand which button does what.
This is a good tool to use.

It would improve the game if you did so, you'll have more diverse characters, or even better, use RMXP sprites and edit them to fit in rpg-maker vx, to have even better looking characters.

Here is RMXP. If you cut out the first, left line of the character sprite sheet so there are only three rows(I did this in paint.net) you can use it for VX When your characters are done, press print screen and then paste into a new image, and cut out what you need.

I thought I'd give you ideas for better characters. If you wanna keep to the default that's fine though :/.

2011 RMN Summer Games

I may participate to get back in the Rpg Maker thing. I'll wait to see the theme. If anyone feel like working with somebody I can compose music, I'm pretty much good in graphical stuff and I can work quite good around Rpg Maker.

Would you work us? Me and my brother work together in OOstudios. He's making most maps and I'm working with scripts, story, events. Can you compose for us and maybe do some graphical stuff? I'm kinda interested in working with you. We need all the help we can get. Maybe we can work in the future if this comp. works out nicely?

I'll pm more details about it if you want. I'd like to see your work if you have some.

Seamus Chapter 1: Journey of the Attributes

Ohhhhhh, then that must be my penalty for not having images right now, my game has a warning now to have at least 3 images. All I can do is edit images, I have no blog editing now. But it keeps my public profile. Well, more pressure to get some images then.

Seamus Chapter 1: Journey of the Attributes

When I posted the game I did have some images, but I thought it would be bad to lie and say this is what is in the game, when It's not finished yet, and now has nothing to do with it. Those images are gone now by the way, I'm using a different maker entirely too.

You know what, I don't know why I think when you guys ask for images you expect a finished game. It must be my condition. Paranoia.(Edit: Paranoia is not my condition, more of a side effect of my condition) So I'll just get my ass working on something to put up. And I have question.

Where is the option to make a blog? I can't seem to find it anywhere, it's location slipped my mind, as well as putting up downloads...

Seamus Chapter 1: Journey of the Attributes

What really happened was what was seen in the screenshots will not be in the game, and now there is nothing to screenshot, unless you want to see the written up plans, scripts, and all that stuff. I made this game page thinking I could show production as it went on. I didn't know I had to be done with the game first, or at least enough to show something.

Right now I need to make the beginning maps and plan gameplay. All characters are planned, storyline, all that. I just need time to get some sights in for screenshots.

There was no criticism that bad on my screenshots, they didn't hurt my feelings, or at least I don't remember any of that. But in any case my condition makes me extremely weak to that. "What a great idea." has lead me to many conclusions of what you mean by that. Either you think it's smart or that was sarcastic. And many other possibities that make me expect the worst.(Edit) No I'm not mad at you for saying that my point is I am easilly paranoid by small phrases people say.

That lonely picture is my studio, but It won't be appearing, that picture. I'll get some visuals and do it, please bare with me and my changing habits.

What are your favorite mutations and why?

My strategy, or first one, was combining superhuman strength with any manipulation I was decided on. Mostly storm and earth manip. I tried fire and ice manip with that, but I seemed weaker, so probably storm and earth are better for me.

I have also tried both storm/earth and fire/ice manipulation combined, allowing more sort of places I can enter for good items. And with these skills I have a harder time killing, and seem extremely weak against the monsters in that place the allies covered up, the place with the dead bodies. I have alot of trouble, even with the healing ally.

But I have not rose in high ranks yet so... from what I have received in those strategies were balanced bad and good. Bad combat with the two manips. but exploration went well, and the beginning area, the pit with first monsters I do just fine with anything. But with strength, I have noticed a better time in combat.

Healing Gene
When I used the healing genes or whatever, I felt weaker, which makes sense, but so weak my healing didn't help much in some situations. But maybe I just need practice to be better at the game.

Where is 0.3!? Give it! Give it!

These fixes sound promising for what sounds like the final demo. I was originally not going to download and just wait for the full chapter 1 release, but might as well get something to play while I wait.

"- Some new monsters have been added into the game to give you a hard time. "
Gee, thanks, just we need. Just kidding heh, no sarcasm there. The challenge sounds good, as long as it is reasonable.

"- Added a new system called the Lucky 7. This system allows the player's party to gain some experience each time they search seven objects."

And now even more reason to search. You've got alot of ideas going on, that I like for this game that inspire my ideas flowing for my new planned survival project I'm working on.(Seamus might be put into Hiatus, haven't really been able to come up with good gameplay yet.) But, uh, enough about talking about my game.

With the length of this demo, how much of it, percentage-wise, is going to be in chapter 1? Like say, 5-15% of Ch.1 is in this demo?

Is rank 6 very high? Or will there be even higher ranks to reach?