I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Original Music

They do a great job making music, I checked up on all of their work, researched a bit, if only I could spend money to get them to make music for my games. I'd say the music fits in your RPG pretty well.


Looks improved from the other picture(original, now deleted), definately. The allies are in midstep though. Very interesting scene, makes me want to play this chapter when it comes out.

Unfolded Stories

I played the game and ran into problems mixed with pretty awesome stuff. You had good dialogue and mapping. But a couple things, the version I was playing started me in the inn with no music, and when I left, a autorun event started with the talking with my allies. Problem is, I wasn't in the right spot cause I was outside the inn. Kinda confusing.

I left the village and talked to that white haired man with mysterious music. When he left, I couldn't move, the event didn't work. I wasn't able to really do anything else other then explore the town before that, and it was interesting. Better then I thought it would be.

But one flaw I noticed, the chests and item receiving? Everytime I open a chest or receive something I get punched!! I was confused.

One more thing, the difficulty is cakewalk in the beginning.
"-And if you like the "generic, cakewalk beginning, you'll literally love the whole story. Like I KNOW you will. " does that mean it's easy during the whole thing? That's not good, we need challenge.

I definately have mixed feelings when I play it, with the bugs it had plus the good stuff you had, it's a mix.

Edit: The problems I had might not be in the version I got. Seeing how you just recently posted a new demo, that might be without problems, probably why you guys have done battle already.


I disagree, it looks very nice, and you chose appropriate monster graphics(Black Spheres), they seem to fit with the environment, not stand out, you know?

Auria is one of my favorite characters in these rpg games as well, she has a well made character sprite. I would try to even out the good and bad by adding some bad things I see in it but I don't :/. Just my opinion.

V1.2 Demo Release

The window color changer only appears to offer 0 and 7 when you talk to her. Not sure if it is bugged or am I just missing something?

It worked for me, I could use all 13.


Mixing modern tiles and the RTP doesn't look good at all. And, it sort of ruins the atmosphere of the game. Walking around and seeing this medieval-like world then BAM, toilet and bathing tub.

I agree, I didn't catch those the first time I looked, but now that I notice them, they look sort of out of place. Maybe this world has really good plumbing?

Unfolded Stories

outcry312: "Don't worry about the critics here, they aren't friendly sometimes, your doing just fine with mapping"

Zakku, personally I know I can comment with a bit of an abrasive tone at times, but the fact I am telling you just what I am thinking and not trying to mask anything is me being as friendly as I can be. I have a vested enough interest in this that I just want to make you make the most of it. I pretty much feel you can expect other people making "blunt" postings to have similar intentions.

Well what I meant wasn't how you comment Illustrious, I actually like that approach, I really don't mean to offend and I'm sorry if you took how I meant it the wrong way. Just my way of being a critic is trying to be really nice and giving suggestions, without a mask either. I realize I put down the other critics here who are just trying to give their thoughts. I won't do it again. (I feel like that apology isn't good enough but hopefully you understand my intentions.)

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4

I was just joking, I'm not panicking, I know it's just a game. Just a coincidence that it happens on my birthday in the game, thought i'd point it out.

Screenshot Saturday 2

Look closely, I didn't imagine it, I bet you probably didn't even look. Unless it's there for a reason... Thanks for disrespecting me...

Unfolded Stories

The download isn't working for me... it takes me to a page that just says rpgvx 1.o2 and the rest is blank.