I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Perspective: Extended Edition

I'm absolutely loving how this sounds. Is it for 'that' game making contest? The big-money one?

Yes, I put it in the description at the very top!

Perspective: Extended Edition

Very interesting concept!

Thank you! I'm excited, having fun working on it so far. :D

2014 Indie Game Development Contest: $10,000 Grand Prize!

I'll be making a puzzle/exploration game. Already having so much fun making it too!

Help with Event Problem

Three hours of googling and searching all over the place last night made me request help with this problem. Then I just happened across this:


I found the answer to my problem, #11 :P. Of course I found it after posting this, sorry about that XD. Thanks indirectly to Archeia_Nessiah and Kread then!

Help with Event Problem

I'm making a game that requires all events on the map to be activated and run their movement code and stuff. But when I'm a certain distance away from events, they don't activate until I get close enough to them. Makes sense, probably reduces lag.

HOWEVER, I'd like to disable this. You see, in my game the player walks around an environment, all on ONE map(per level), and will explore. All events on the map should be doing their movements, displaying text above their heads, no matter where the player is, it's key to my gameplay.

So does anyone know of a way to make it so events activate and continue custom movement paths, no matter where the player is?

Rpgmaker VXACE is what I'm using by the way.

Indiegogo Campaign Announcement

No screenshots or anything substantial. Srs bizniz. I don't think anyone would fund something they don't even know what it will look or sound like, no matter how impressive the story is.

Its just a concept right now. It's fully written but you're right, without images its hard to tell. Although, the point is that it's not made yet at all. My artist says it'll take a while to set up our tileset for the game But you're right, very right.

I've posted a song, and plan to do updates all the time of course. It's only the first day. Unfortunately no art has been completed yet though.

Indiegogo Campaign Announcement

Hello all! It's been a while since I've done anything with this community. My brother Seiromem has been pretty active with you guys, there's been some good stuff on this site. Time to contribute! I've come to share my current project. It's an RPG, one that I shamefully tried to make in two weeks during a competition here. I've been through a year of college so far after that, and for the summer, I hope to fund this project and work on it!


I decided I wanted to focus on game making over the summer and chose this quick, short RPG, maybe 5-10 hours of gameplay, maybe more, to work on. I've started this campaign in hopes to get some funding, any funding, to help me. I'm going back to college, my second year, at the end of August, and needed some money. So why not start making games now?!?! And so the campaign has started!

I've got a couple friends on board to help. I got a composer and an artist! I'll be the designer and writer, and I'm using as of right now some Yanfly scripts as we aren't really programmers. Credit to Yanfly, because it'll help me make the game I want to make!

Check out the details on the RPG on the Indiegogo page, I just made it live today! After the RPG is done, I'm releasing it here on this site. Check it out! Any help from you guys will be very appreciated!

RMN Island: You can still join, mmkay

I emerge from the shore of Meadow O' Morons, Rick, a starfish who lost his reputation in a wrestling match underwater. I've come to join my first forum topic ever regain my "rep", and search for a "new name" for myself.

Seamus : Ruined Tower

Well, there are many character generators floating around the web. You could look for one that better suits your characters than the Rpg maker one. But if you don't really like to use faces, you have to make up for it. You'll have to make lots of poses and make the characters move, and stuff. Because in the intro they just stand still the whole time... If even that is beyond your graphical skills, maybe you can use some sort of visual clue. For example, have you played Golden Sun for the GBA? In that game the characters kind of shake(?) when they speak, so the eye is immediately drawn to them and thus is easier to relate the text with a character.

As for everything else. I'm sure that with more time to plan the story, to revise the maps, to test the battles; the end product would improve considerably -The battles are specially a concern, because, well, while I'm hardly a hardcore player xD I think can hold my own well enough in battle. And this time I just couldn't, mostly because the lack of 'flexibility' of the missions- so, once you address these issues, I'd have no problem giving this game another chance... So don't feel discouraged or anything, man. Keep it up! =)

Late reply, I know, but I'm just now seeing this so, sorry. About the graphics, I'm happy I used the rpgmakerxp looseleaf character generator, that's how I want my characters to look. Two squares high and allows for more character detail than the vx ones. But I just couldn't make face graphics with the vx generator, and I really had trouble finding other generators, they just didn't always match the hair of my characters, heh. I knew it was a bad move, but I cut the face graphics anyways, not liking the way they look. If I can make matching faces with my characters, then I would love using them.

I'll be going to college next fall, so sooner or later I will be able to do this a lot better, I'm sure. I don't feel discouraged, and I will continue practicing. Thanks for the help.

Super RMN World

I like how each world is themed according to difficulty, but aiming for a particular number is gonna be hard. It'll be hard to tell the difference between a world 1 level and a world 2 level, or a world 4 and world 5 level. I think the best way is to aim for a number that has a number below it and above it. No choosing 1 or 8 initially. So for example, I aim for a world 2 level. THEN, I categorize it, is it easier or harder then 2? I think that'll be the best way to decide a level's difficulty ourselves. Of course, judges have final say, heh. This is gonna be the way I do it, though.