I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Game Gale 2010

I'm going to have to drop out. Having to replace my real, great idea is too much. Remove me from the list I guess.

Game Gale 2010

I'm going to have to quit this one project. My partner/brother ruined everything and I'm not going to start all over. He messed up the face and character sprites, his half of the game is terrible and I'm just not happy with it.

My status: Starting a whole new, smaller game away from the main series plot.....

Game Gale 2010

Yeah, I'm just practicing optimism. I'm usually pessimistic. So, is the submit entry problem getting fixed? I'm getting ahead of my schedule.

Custom Character Sprite Question.

Hold on I just figured it out. I needed to change my files to a bitmap. Problem Solved. Sorry I took so long to answer.

Game Gale 2010

I've made a whole schedule to plan out how I am going to finish the game before deadline. I even created some monsters in paint. I'm taking this seriously. Good luck competing against me if all you are using this time for is argueing over a misunderstood rule. Don't ask me to explain the rule though, I have no idea.

In other words, just make a game.

Game Gale 2010

Edit: Nevermind, new question, how would a team share work on the same game file? Like say I have a member on my team. How would he work on the same game I'm making? Also, how do you give a text file with a download?

Game Gale 2010

I might give this a shot as well. With something else to do, It'll make it easier on me to take a break from making tons of faces for my tons of characters.

Custom Character Sprite Question.

I made a character sprite and face and put it in the resources. But it won't select the whole graphic. How do you make the selection big enough to grab the whole graphic.

Super Mario Bros. X Help Thread -

On one computer, I downloaded it and it won't save my work. I make a level, and turn off the editor, then reopen and what I made is gone. Same in the play engine, my save files get deleted. I tried redownloading but nothing changed.

Then I tried it on another computer, and graphics wouldn't appear when you tried to put them on the screen.
But the save problem went away thankfully, but I can't keep the program on this computer, so I need help with fixing the saving problems!!!!

Super RMN Bros.

Great, now after a while with this editor, makers will get torn apart for using defaults, just like rpg maker vx.