I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



The Layers of a Desktop Background

Yeah, shrek's been a real inspiration around here.

The Layers of a Desktop Background

So I was thinking of sharing my desktop to the world, and well... Dudesoft's topic made that final push for me to show you guys the glory that is my desktop.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is a glorious, momentous day. Welcome to my art gallery! A college sophomores prank-turned running gag/inside joke! Let's start, shall we?

WARNING: I reduced the size(except I forgot the batman one, left it the way it was. Lazy), however, this will take some room. I'm hiding them to help you guys out. ;)

Section 1: The Prank Stage

It began as a prank. I leave my dorm room for some classes, and a bunch of friends think it's funny to do this. This prank was their biggest yet, and they had to make it subtle. This is the beginning, friends! Let's start with my favorite initial, subtle ones.

Man, these first two were brilliant XD Clementine, no!

Section 2: Not So Subtle.. and kind of bad

So I know it happens now. But they keep going, and... not so subtly either! Unfortunately, these are there worst ones... at the same time. Ah well, putting them up anyway! There's some good stuff here ;).

This one has been updated. He forgot to keep the "eshrek" but... ah well. The head used to be worse, trust me.

Section 3: They're getting better!

They started to get better. Went back to improve some, made more. They ran out of potential desktop pictures of mine(I still have plenty, a lot actually) but started bringing in more!

They really wanted to capture the expressions in the original picture. They thought about context when they did this! Brilliant stuff.

They started to reference things I don't even care about!(I don't play Persona. I will some day. Maybe Phoenix Wright.

Super Smash Bros was coming out on 3DS, so...

Oh, and by the way: Professor Layton is sooooo fricking great!

So yeah, they have not worked on them for a while now. Maybe weeks. But here's an in-progress one:

A kingdom hearts one ;)
That Kasumi one above and the Colossus one is to be improved I think?

Ah well, that's that! Man, I hope you like Shrek references cause... that's what spawned the whole thing, really. Anyway, that's my desktop!

Post Your Desktop

Uhhh... in order to display the art that is my desktop, I'm gonna start my own topic. Trust me, it must be done. You will all appreciate it!

Trailer & Steam Greenlight!

Ohhh interesting decision. I can't turn my game into a steam greenlight, but this sounds like a good idea. Greenlight is really tough, unfortunately, but I hope it works out.

The Vendor - The future

Oh, it's not selling out. It's an opportunity! Realistically, if you want to make games with your time(like me), you'd want to earn money to survive so... good that you got the support!

As for the paying: when I'm interested in a game I tend to want to buy it, honestly. Like my favorite indie developer, over on fig hunter, I would totally throw money at him cause his games are just... perfect. It's not a fanboy thing, I just find the game worthy, know what I mean? Now... make the game cost a lot of money, say, 30 dollars, well... I can't afford to throw money at everything... Eh, perhaps I shouldn't be going into this detail I suppose, but my comparison is relevant because I would totally buy the Mardek series on steam... because I've played over 50 hours worth of it... more than that, over on kongregate for free. So I think a demo(they were full games, and his reboot is free apparently as well to get his name out there again, but either way) is a real good thing to have.

BUT I've decided not to support you, because I really wanted to play as that thief guy. Hell, that thief guy carried the game for me, totally not any of the gameplay or anything. Nope... none of my current ideas were inspired by the design of the vendor gameplay... nope... Traditional RPG elements for every game, I say...

Totally supporting you still, by the way.

The Vendor

HMM?? The Vendor news? Don't waste time working the details out, tell us the raw info NOW and suffer the drawbacks of such a thing! WOO! Totally a smart...idea...

I bet it's gonna be an announcement about how the game is dropping all vendor gameplay to become a traditional RPG. Totally... w-was I right? I hope not.

EITHER WAY, excited to see what you have planned for it!

Indie Game Making Competition Results are in!

I suppose it does hurt to not see my game up there but... ah well, I'm still proud of it. Will continue to work on it...

10/10, would make again.

I'm VERY happy Last Word and even The Vendor were mentioned, but I'm surprised Unraveled didn't get anywhere. Those were my favorites.

How are things going for the MOG events?

I've hoped to at least contribute a soundtrack, intending to use that for my game creation part, however I'm in college now with a ton of work. I can't work on side projects, so I suppose more time would be cool once I get free time I hope to continue on my side projects. I don't know, I guess I'm already doing what this contest hopes for. I'm in a 3D modeling class, programming class, and design class all at the same time. Tricky sophomore cliff year, so it's tough to consider music as well, hah.

Fundamental RPGology

I might be able to get a basic version out? Today I only have one class from 12:30 to 3:15, so I have time to get the most basic of skills and stances ready to show what the battle system would be like. If not, I'm sorry. I've only just gotten a re-handle on college routine, hah.

Fundamental RPGology

outcry> Makes sense, although I think even a barebones battle (with only a few skills) would be better than a completely hand-holding one. But I haven't seen your system so that might not be true in your case. Anyway thanks for sharing.

I think I can figure that out. It's moving in weekend for college, so I can't begin work on the hand in copy until Sunday. I got this though!