I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Perspective: Extended Edition

I do think you did a good job of conveying the information you wanted to tell, so no worries about that! One more thing: I gathered all the collectibles, which should've gotten me some sort of lore bonus, right? I couldn't find it! D:

Right. What you played is the beta, so it wouldn't have mattered to you at this time, but what's changed is if you go to the save crystal, any crystal, you "Check Achievements", and instead you get an achievement for getting the collectibles rather than lore.

I plan to have achievements reward you with... something starting act 2, but for now, they are just markers saying "Hey, you did it!"

As for lore bonuses, I plan on having some new way to give them to you, through journals or book entries or whatever things, and I need a place to keep those. For now though, there's no lore bonuses or achievement rewards yet.

Perspective: Extended Edition

Hmmm, okay. I didn't know how the font would do for anybody else, so it's good to know it might be hard to read for some. I need to look into fonts more, and I had a lot of trouble with that when I was. My sister said she liked the font so I was like FINALLY, and put it in. Hah, my mistake.

I'm glad to hear from someone who played the extended version's demo before the contest entry. Act 1 is plenty different and more refined now compared to that one.

As for the lore about attributes, I'm sorry if you were a little more confused than you'd like, but there is something I intended. Act 1 is intended to be mainly the lore introduction as well as gameplay introduction. There were lore crystal unlockables before that talked about spirits and orbs, but random lore isn't a good reward and people usually don't want to read that. The intro also had too much exposition about the nature of attributes. So instead, I'm gonna let the game tell you through playing it.

If this world is to be believable, the attributes should mostly be common knowledge. So the best way for you to understand is to let the world tell you. Of course, it's not your fault because act 1 is short. Act 2 is larger, and will help build more understanding. I can't do much more with act 1 without overloading it with too much information. So! We'll let act 2 do it's work.

Now that you've played act 1 though, see it as this:
The gameplay mechanic uses Amelia's memory attribute, so there's an example of an attribute at play. The plot of the level is mainly about power that an attribute can give, at least that's what it will mean in the grand scheme of the storyline. So the majority is definitely introducing what attributes give to people. The conspiracy introduces the spirit and orb thing quickly, but obviously act 2 will focus on that stuff more.

M.O.G. Music

It's very pretty but I think it's a little too melancholic to be a field theme. I think making it into an intro theme would work better.

Yeah, it sounds more like an intro theme. I'm going for an overall melancholic feel almost, so the field theme wouldn't be too far off from melancholic, but still, I agree. Thanks for listening to it.

Fundamental RPGology

I think I'll end up with something containing this?:

  • A document of the planned skillsets + explanations
  • A document of my plans of the overall system and each mechanic
  • A list of all things needed to finish the battle system's implementation, along with checkmarks of what's already done.
  • The actual demo open for viewing. Perhaps it would be playable in that you could explore it like I intended, but the battles would be replaced by a single one, running you through how it would go down, but not actually let you play since, you know, it's not done.

I think it would be a good, detailed way to explain my system even if it's not finished.

M.O.G. Music

A Lonely Island
It's the beginnings of either a field theme or an intro theme. I'm leaning towards intro, but I meant for field. What configurations would make it be a better field theme? Hmmm... tell me what you guys think. I played around with Musescore to make this.

Fundamental RPGology

Well I have most of it set-up, it's just that there are technical things with skills that I can't get into right now. I realize, seeing as how this is minimalistic, I can definitely have my system without skills and still test out the system with stances and stuff. I can even keep stances and keep the influence system. Skills would instead be more... minimalistic. I'll figure something out.

Fundamental RPGology

I have to dumb down the skillsets, they are way too complicated for the demo. They're the sorts of skills I'd add in later on, after this system is set-up. I have to make it more basic, or the technical stuff is just gonna overwhelm me, and I'm moving back into a dorm this weekend so I don't want too much stress, hah.

Edit: On second thought, I'm gonna have to drop this entirely. Now a lot was done, so I can submit unfinished stuff, but the battle system isn't playable so I don't know what to do. I wish I could finish it, but that will have to be another time.

Dark Souls Changed the Way I Think About Video Games

I believe that Dark Souls's storytelling is AMAZING, and the hidden lore and narrative is EXTREMELY interesting, and incredibly smart and clever. Finding that little sad note about the boss you killed adds depth and meaning to the world and everything. I loved every minute of this game. Storytelling in it is very smart.

As for difficulty, it's really not hard or as punishing as you think. Sure, you die plenty, maybe. But the game made it not frustratingly grating at all. It's a fun challenge, and this game is successful in having great difficulty without handholding, but it is so very possible to figure out what you have to do yourself, and it becomes perfectly reasonable.

I don't usually deeply disagree with what I see on here, honestly understanding most negative opinions, but most of the negative criticism with this game I just don't buy at all or even believe is a true understanding of what's going on with dark souls. That said, everyone has a right and opinion of there of own, of course. I just find this discussion to bother me deeply, except for the reasonable, smart discussion of course. While I dislike incredibly difficult things, this game is reasonable believe it or not, and the storytelling is genius. I'm sorry for anyone who doesn't see that, but what can you do? If you ever want to make a game clearly to prove what's wrong with Dark Souls, go ahead. But don't tell anyone to "not buy it" unless it's truly broken, because this game isn't and you think it is because of your understanding of what's going on. In the same way, I'm just going to tell someone to think about it, not necessarily to go straight to buying it first, but see what you think or something.

I don't know, that's how I felt about this topic :)

Fundamental RPGology

Hah, that's why I use comments, not message boxes!

Fundamental RPGology

And what sort of developer info did you have there?