I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!




Think you can post where the collectibles are? I've found 8 and can't find the last one

Here's the list of collectibles by room:

South-Western Bedroom: 0
Western Bedroom Secret Passage: 1
North-Western Bedroom: 1
Upstairs Lounge: 1
Kitchen: 1
Northern Study: 1
Eastern Storage Room: 1
Basement Storage Room: 1
Graveyard Outside: 1
Crypt: 1

Hopefully if you just remember what rooms you already have found 1 in, you can find them.

Update #3: Audience & Stage Systems

As long as the UI isn't blocked by the audience, it'll be a very nice addition!
The UI is actually on a layer above the audience, aside from a few things like HP bars and stuff tied to the fighters. Nothing too important.

Yeah, that's what I was looking at. The notification below your party, telling you what button to press to switch partners, was blocked. If I was a new player looking for instruction, I'd be confused. Other than that, the UI won't be blocked much by the audience, just like PMTYD.

Update #3: Audience & Stage Systems

As long as the UI isn't blocked by the audience, it'll be a very nice addition!

Perspective: Extended Edition

When you say "they", do you mean me? Hah, I have been working on a continuation of this game actually, continuing the story. That answers your "why haven't they made more games like this", but I'm interested to know what version you played? Sounds like you played the revised version of act 1. If you did, and your comments directed at the storytelling are true, then WOW! Thank you very much! I'm surprised to hear, in the midst of working on two projects and college work, that my revisions helped greatly. All of those things you said were definitely goals of mine with my revision. I added a lot of those conversations, fleshed it out. However, I'm limited in animations and skill with art and programming, so I totally agree with you on the disappointment occasionally in following certain characters, the fast forward and rewind mechanics. They would all wrap up the rest of this game into a whole, perfected design.

Without an artist or programmer, I am at a loss for these features, however. This is everything I can manage so far alone as a designer/writer, but I am making fixes. I'll jot down those issues you found, thank you! They will come in the next iteration. As for the frustration and understanding issues: I can see how it's very difficult to teach the player how the levels are structured. I'll hopefully be able to note all these misunderstandings and change the tutorial messages to make sure they include details like that.

Just a little progress mention: we are working on mapping for the four levels in act 2(it's taking a long time because Seiromem isn't actually working on them, and I might need to start.), but I plan on reducing the acts to 3 or 4 instead of 5. I agree, this concept has a lot of potential, which is why I planned 5 acts(5 total waves of content). But to improve the story and make sure it's complete faster, I'll be doing a rewrite of the later acts. Back to your thoughts on the story now that I think of it: It's great to know the first act's writing is up where I want it to be before moving on to the next act. I'm very happy you like the writing, as that's the part I was worried about after the contest version.

Oh, one more thing. About the characters of the level: I casted the new levels, making sure each had a role, and would ALL be necessary and fulfilling to watch. They'll have their own sub-plots, some side-quest mysteries, and you'll be able to really see how the world in Perspective(and my whole attribute universe) works.

To conclude, thank you! That was a good block of feedback, I really needed that actually, to help push the game along. I'm working on an RPG right now primarily, but hopefully this game speeds up in development.

Release Something XIII: Something Returns

This is amazingly timed. I've been working on my new project for a while now. I'm making a game to accompany that battle system I started setting up this past August. I'm in the middle of event programming the system right now. I was thinking this past week about wanting to use a release something or some kind of event where I can show it, but thought there wouldn't be one in time... I have spring break starting right now, and this event pops up. WOW, that's a great opportunity.

I'll definitely be putting up a demo for my battle system and other things I have done for this event. Wow, this is great timing. I might show something from Perspective Extended Edition as well, if we get mapping done over break.

McBacon Jam

I can't decide who I'd want to work with either... hmm... it's actually best if I'm used to fill a position if someone needs it, but it's fine if I'm not on a team and don't participate. I will if I can, but won't necessarily mind if I don't.

McBacon Jam

Name: Outcry
Main Skill: Narrative Design/ Level Design
Other Skills: Writing
Engine Preference: Rpgmaker (most recently vxace)
Prefer to work on: Maybe puzzle, but I've been doing a lot of those lately for fun and college. Adventure, RPG, anything with interesting writing that I can help with.
Prefer NOT to work on: Horror, Comedy, games
Comment: I'll be in college, but around then it's only the beginning of the semester, so I feel kinda safe about joining.

Amelia Gift Art

It's not exactly a fully developed character yet anyhow, or fully developed narrative, at that. It's fine ;)


So yeah, a little info. I finally sat down to work on Perspective(First half of break, I actually took a break... wow). But I sat down and finished the cast of character graphics for this memory.

It probably won't mean anything to you now, of course. This is a progress shot mostly. You don't know any of these people, but you will. I've got three more memories to prepare graphics for. I left my level plans at college, so I can only finish mapping this desert level. I'll wait till I get back to map the other three, so I'll be making character graphics until then!

Working alone, while trying to finish all the games I'm playing right now. Still have to finish Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix, and kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance(My PS3 stays home, so I can't play once I go back to college). I am so busy.

Amelia Gift Art

It's blood. Believe it or not, the game's really gory, so it really matches th- I'm just kidding, it's definitely paint splatter.

I suppose this is technically, in a way, a gift to me as well(just feeding my own ego), and I feel bad because I wasn't participating in the secret Santa. I know it's directed at Seiromem techincally. Nevertheless, THANKS Nessiah. It's fricking brilliant. We love it :D.