I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Perspective Download Coming Soon

I'm back to work on the conclusion, expect the download sometime today. Sorry if anybody missed the fact I was taking a quick break to sleep :p. I was getting tired and like I've told Seiromem, I get sloppy as it's getting late. Explains why I forgot to leave a comment rather then just making a status(thanks Liberty :p)

Progress So Far Update 4 (CLOSE TO DONE PROBABLY!!)

Quick Update
Rather then post another blog, just a quick update. Today I got about 75% percent of the stage done so far and once I'm done I'll be working on a new idea for my collectible system. Instead of a "Mystery Room" acting as a hub letting you choose each stage, the map the memory takes place in will act as the hub, but it's empty of NPC's. You'll find the collectibles here instead rather then have them in the stages influencing the player's path. You'll also be interacting with this map which is different from the stages since I only allow spectating in the stages. But my friend said some interaction would be cool and I felt I wouldn't just force that in. So now that I'm upgrading the hub set-up it will allow for more exploration and interaction, finding key points on the map that trigger the reveal of each stage of the memory, and the collectibles.

That leaves me to decide whether I can have it so Amelia will accompany the patient to the location it takes place in in reality. I could have a system where bringing him to a certain spot will trigger something or unlock something in his memory, or going into his memory and then triggering him to do something in reality. As long as all the stages are done, the rest of the things I need to work on will be easier to get through and work on. It's less complicated to set up this upgraded hub and collectible system or make the conclusion. So the game is still close to done, definitely.

Act names Confirmed/Act Story Info(Update)

What made you decide each act needed two parts?(Except for the last) And I see a Act V with two different names and in two different games. I'm just curious of your design methods. I like to design my games by act as well, similar to this. Except without so many game at once, hah. And does this mean you have each one fully planned before you started naming them?

What are your favorite mutations and why?

My strategy, or first one, was combining superhuman strength with any manipulation I was decided on. Mostly storm and earth manip. I tried fire and ice manip with that, but I seemed weaker, so probably storm and earth are better for me.

I have also tried both storm/earth and fire/ice manipulation combined, allowing more sort of places I can enter for good items. And with these skills I have a harder time killing, and seem extremely weak against the monsters in that place the allies covered up, the place with the dead bodies. I have alot of trouble, even with the healing ally.

But I have not rose in high ranks yet so... from what I have received in those strategies were balanced bad and good. Bad combat with the two manips. but exploration went well, and the beginning area, the pit with first monsters I do just fine with anything. But with strength, I have noticed a better time in combat.

Healing Gene
When I used the healing genes or whatever, I felt weaker, which makes sense, but so weak my healing didn't help much in some situations. But maybe I just need practice to be better at the game.

Where is 0.3!? Give it! Give it!

These fixes sound promising for what sounds like the final demo. I was originally not going to download and just wait for the full chapter 1 release, but might as well get something to play while I wait.

"- Some new monsters have been added into the game to give you a hard time. "
Gee, thanks, just we need. Just kidding heh, no sarcasm there. The challenge sounds good, as long as it is reasonable.

"- Added a new system called the Lucky 7. This system allows the player's party to gain some experience each time they search seven objects."

And now even more reason to search. You've got alot of ideas going on, that I like for this game that inspire my ideas flowing for my new planned survival project I'm working on.(Seamus might be put into Hiatus, haven't really been able to come up with good gameplay yet.) But, uh, enough about talking about my game.

With the length of this demo, how much of it, percentage-wise, is going to be in chapter 1? Like say, 5-15% of Ch.1 is in this demo?

Is rank 6 very high? Or will there be even higher ranks to reach?

V1.2 Demo Release

The window color changer only appears to offer 0 and 7 when you talk to her. Not sure if it is bugged or am I just missing something?

It worked for me, I could use all 13.

Screenshot Saturday 2

Look closely, I didn't imagine it, I bet you probably didn't even look. Unless it's there for a reason... Thanks for disrespecting me...

Screenshot Saturday 2

I like the mix of light and dark green colors, but I see one thing that probably doesn't fit. The wagon, just below it is a straight, weird line. Have you seen that yet?
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