I'm just a guy who has played ALOT of games. Many of them RPGs, many of them made in RPGMaker.



Task Length (Not Playtime Length)

Non sequitor: Xenosaga has a save point 45 minutes into its opening FMV. The first two play sessions of the game are entirely noninteractive.

That's not true. I just played it and you need to complete the first dungeon/area before you get the hour long cutscene with multiple save points. It does happen, but it happens several hours into the game.

But, whatever. I don't want to derail this topic.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Currently playing Legend of Grimrock. I'm very impressed. Its a pleasure to play a old-school style game with modern graphics and interface.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Also playing the infamous Katawa Shoujo.

I too am playing Katawa Shoujo. I managed to die on my first playthrough. I didn't even know that was possible to do in this game.

Skyborn - Indie "Steampunk fantasy" RPG

At last you show your true colors.

Skyborn - Indie "Steampunk fantasy" RPG

I wish I didn't care about what I read here, I really do.

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

Already have, but at least that made sense in the world. Suikoden is basically like our world, set in medieval, warring times with magical runes. It mostly makes sense. Then from nowhere, with no build-up at all (and there was one or two clues in FFV from what I can remember) - Giant tree as the last boss! >.<;
It didn't even have the excuse of being transformed by a rune, like some of the other last bosses of the games. Just, suddenly tree.

I had that same complaint about Suikoden IV. Then when I played Suikoden Tactics I was surprised to find they gave a background for the tree. Apparently it was a creature from another dimension that was also the source of all rune cannon technology. Not a great explanation, but better than nothing. Its also not acceptable to have to play an entirely different game just to have a final boss explained.

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

Anyway, I really despised most of the plot points from the last 5% of every Final Fantasy game. Its a shame because I really liked the games up until then.
Fixed this one for you.

No, I believe you fixed that one for you.

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

Damn this topic, opening up old wounds. I thought I had gotten over FF8 and MGS2. Anyway, I really despised most of the plot points from the last 5% of Final Fantasy 9. Its a shame because I really liked the game up until then.

Circumcision: Good or Bad?

This whole debate is pointless. Each side is just trying to justify their parent's decision regarding their foreskin. Also each side has absolutely no idea what its like to be on the opposing side and they never will. Still, for some reason hearing this debate always frustrates the hell out of me and it takes all of my willpower not join in.

I'll say this much. Cleaning your penis on a semi-regular basis will prevent most health issues and it is not difficult to do.

Dammit! Oh well, maybe I'll make my will save next time.

I want to thank MaxMcGee

EDIT: Nevermind, I don't want to sound preachy.