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[RMMV] Planning to buy the rpg maker bundle on humble bundle but..

I think there's a MV demo still available so you should be able to answer your questions before you buy. Some opinions:

Same menus, UI style, art etc is a symptom of an engine that comes packed with starter assets -- if the creator has no experience or vision they just fall back to defaults. There are plenty of RM games that don't look like RM games.

Mechanically though, there's definitely a "certain kind" of game the engine wants you to be making. While all the JS is exposed and there's no sandbox, there comes a point where the engine starts working against you -- even though you /could/ theoretically make top down shooters and whatever in RPGmaker, why would you, especially if you have C#/Unity available. Switching out the battle system to something new entirely requires a good working knowledge of RM itself on top of the actual programming work required. It's doable and potentially worth it if you still want to use the database, map editor, etc. (and of course can always grab some scripts for a system that someone else made if it's close enough to what you want)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

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Killing People, Falling In Love, And Saving The 17???

[Poll] [Vote] RMN Mascot!

I think part of it is the original prompt was for a gijinka and now we're voting on a mascot

Source of this MIDI? [Battle BGM used in Hanzo Kimura Project]

Yeah the copyright holder is "いね" which is ungoogleable.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Book exposition is 1000% worse than just about anything

[MAFIA] Problems at the Precinct.

That early in the game it didn't make sense to question Odd's claim though, firstly because it really wasn't a claim until D4, and second, he had done two towny things for us in helping kill Piano and appearing to stop two nightkills. Then later we just didn't question the "indie exists" assumption. It really was a good claim.

[MAFIA] Problems at the Precinct.

Yep, nice work odd, I probably still would've picked demon as scum before you. There actually was bussing in D1, just not the type I would've expected.

We should've done the "technically correct" thing and policy-killed Odd on D3. Oh well -- this was definitely winnable thanks to Gourd, just every day past 2 we were so sure things were wrapped up.

[MAFIA] Problems at the Precinct.

I asked Odd if he blocked scumkills last night. He said he was pretty sure, and jailer does that traditionally anyway.

I'd guess you killed Muffle because she could break a nolynch that could happen today if, for instance, Odd were to not cast a vote.

You have no reason to kill Odd because like he said, his win condition does not conflict with yours. Check the first post.
As an Independent, your job is to survive until the end of the game. Depending on your role, this may constitute killing of all Town-aligned players and Mafia and being the only player left alive or simply staying alive regardless of whether the Town or Mafia win, and having a separate win condition. An independent may or may not be in the game.

[MAFIA] Problems at the Precinct.

@Isrieri: I was imprisoned when Muffle was killed, and therefore can't be scum.

Odd said his win condition was surviving to end of game. Not sure why town or scum would care whether he won or not. Town win condition is just killing all dirty cops which would seem to fulfill both town's and odd's condition.

#lynch Isrieri