Star Eater

You need to color-correct the sprite rips you're using. All grays on the sprites should be moved down a tone. Same goes for anything that in the original games that was on the sprite layer, such as the treasure chest. I've noticed the same weirdness in the memory examination in emulators, maybe that's why.

SaGa 4: Masters of the Demon World

Thanks for the feedback! Hoping to have the full version out before the end of the year.

I'll add the bug to our internal list, don't think I've fixed that one yet... whoops.

Sweet Tooth

This looks pretty nifty.

(also I want flan now)

Liteventure: I wanna be the hero

-Fighting endless hordes of casual encounters!

Destiny Chronicles (a League of Legends rpg / visual novel)

My spanish is terrible but this looks fun as hell, looking forward to a DL.

Trick, Treat, or Die: The Children's Crusade

How is this online?WTH

are you using destiny patch?

Yup. In retrospect I'm not quite sure why this game needed to have online play, but, there it is.

Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese

Weird. The pixelwork looks fantastic, but the gameplay seems pretty run of the mill and the concept feels gimmicky. Definitely weird. Hoping to be surprised though.


Interesting. Looks like some screenshots and some other stuff were taken down -- is there any Sword & Sworcery stuff left? Liking the cobalt forest maps.