[ACE] Any simple (er) way to play multiple BGM's at once?

Well uh, this an entirely non RTP game, so all the audio I'm using is already in the folder... so I'm stuck at the same error. Do you think you can show me all the other steps you did? I'm still wondering if I'm using the script calls wrong, I know there's both the call and all the other methods involved, not sure which ones may be mandatory. And you tried it in Ace correct?

[ACE] Any simple (er) way to play multiple BGM's at once?

Yeah, the file exists (I mean, I would hope so, I made it haha!). Though, I'm wondering if it's a matter of which folder it's in... At this point I'm wondering if there's any syntax the script won't accept or if again, I may be using the script calls incorrectly. Maybe there's something minor I'm not editing, or maybe I have a misunderstanding of how the script works entirely. Anyway, I don't think the codec pack should be too much of a hassle since I'm not really introducing any esoteric file formats. RM games are mainly optimized for Windows and I'm mainly working with .wav's at the moment (rendering with the DAW takes out the need of that audacity looping stuff), which I would assume anyone who has access to Windows has the codec for.

Just to reiterate, though it is neat that the script involves all that fancy stuff, all I'm really trying to get out of it is the ability to play more than two different BGM's and control their volumes. It's like the difference between designing a mix and one of those dj sets, I'm fine with the former haha. Anyway, here's hoping we can come to a solution!

Always a pleasure Mr. Spirit! :)

[ACE] Any simple (er) way to play multiple BGM's at once?

Hi all, a project I'm working on involves a lot of audio bits. One idea I had was to have multiple layers/aspects of a BGM prompted in and out of play by the player. (This is BGM I made myself, so splitting them into pieces is no problem.) The issue is that Ace's in-engine audio functions offer a maximum of 2 looping channels to play with: BGM and BGS. It goes without saying that the layers involved in my stuff exceeds that number rather quickly.

Now, I am aware of this script: MCI Audio Player. I can't get it to work unfortunately, I just find it too confusing. An error that keeps occurring reads:
Script 'Game_Interpreter' line1411: NoMethodError occured. undefined method 'gsub' for nil:NilClass

Which I assume involves line 254 of the script:
@filepath = path.gsub(/\\/, '/')

I have no idea what any of this is, perhaps I'm implementing the script calls incorrectly. If anyone is willing to try this script out themselves and then walk me through the steps then that would be one possible solution to my issue. Support for the script only seems to be on boards I don't have accounts to or a demo for XP, which I don't have access to. (A reminder that I'm looking for a solution for ACE, be sure to set the line 207 of the script to "RPG_VERSION = 2")

However, that script is offering a large variety of functions when really all I may be looking for is one or two of them. If no one can figure the above method out then basically, if there is an alternate method to making Ace's built in audio functions available for multiple files simultaneously, I am all ears! :)

Much appreciated, `skai

Progress: Swirling Sands and Springsmouth

New character HYPE! And is that a harpoon/javelin!? Heck yeah! xD Like some Moribito type stuff haha, can't wait! It's always been really cool to see this project progress, especially with that progress-bar of yours. Almost 50% there! You're doing great! :D


Oh geez, LOVE the depth perception in this one! Always cool to see new screens from you guys, keep it up, it looks great!


Haha, I just saved this to the hard-drive to show to friends. You guys should check out the file-name, pretty rad haha! xD

The Merchant's Tale

Hmm... as a merchant it's pretty...

Haha, the merchant (Toimaru) even has a mask as well, sure he's not a distant relative? xD

BIZARRE movement problem, please help!

Yeah by all means, lemme know! It'd be nice to return the favor! :D

BIZARRE movement problem, please help!

GreatRedSpirit, you've done it again... saving my life again with simple answers to my overdramatic problems uggghghgh....

really man, I owe you my life at this point haha, I'm sealing it in blood as we speak haha...

but yeah... these sort of minute problems are gonna be the death of me...
I need to pace the house a bit... I seriously was about to have like 5 less windows from the sheer amount of frustration ughghgh....

But yeah man, you're in my "skai owe's a favor" list or something, I know I haven't revealed much of my work as of yet (you can see more of it at my twitter) but if you're at all interested in the stuff I do just feel free to ask for something and I'll see what I can do. I may sound like I'm exaggerating the situation but I genuinely feel like you just help prevent a pre-pre-premature heart attack haha.