BIZARRE movement problem, please help!

I was importing custom tilesets and suddenly the character was unable to move unless I press the Ctrl key... and even then it's as if the character's hovering over everything. Passability is fine in the editor (that means BOTH passage + passage 4 dir.) , and this problem is only now coming up days since my last edit to anything involving scripts or events. At this point in the project there are zero autorun events.

Full script list (listed in order of use):

DoctorTodd - Autosave
Yanfly Core
Fomar's Equip Script
Yami Module
Yami Overlay Mapping
Text Cache (Mithran)
Move Route Extras (Galv)
Animated Battlers (Galv)
Yanfly Battle Command
Yanfly Command Equip
Yanfly Event Chase
Galv Busts
Galv Visual Novel Choices
Galv Visibility
Melkino Window Opacity
XAIL - Core
XAIL - Class Items
Hime - Random Event Positions
DP3 - No Battle Timer (snippet)
Shaz - Extended Timers
Venka Crafting Script Set

I will be testing compatibility stuff myself as I wait, however, realize that all of these scripts were working perfectly fine together in this order for weeks until now. The list is mainly offered to those who may have extended knowledge on some of these scripts.

From what I can recall, the exact moment this problem occurred is when I imported a custom tileset to the "B" tab. Undoing any changes I did with that tab has not removed the problem.

The symptoms of this issue are some of the most bizarre I've ever seen. As I've mentioned all ability to walk is disabled unless I press Ctrl, you can even run when pressing Ctrl + Shift, I have absolutely no idea what in the program controls / effects this.

Please, whatever input you think you can offer will be appreciated. If it comes to it, I may just have to do a complete revamp but I'd really like to know what is going on.


Your MMO "chronology?"

Eh, though I've already talked about my current outlook on LoL, I can't deny that this was freaking awesome:

Is this promoting that new Summoner's Rift or...?

Your MMO "chronology?"

@NewBlack, kory_toombs

Honestly, even with the mmo's I've played, I can pretty much agree with NB's statement. I think they're alright as ideas, but the problems arise when they try to design this endless content. They say the guys over at WoW have got progression down to a science, challenging and rewarding the player at very specific yet subtle increments, though I've never played WoW so I can't say myself how effective it really is. I think the bottom line is, a lot of these companies are good at telling players how to play, but struggle with telling them why to play. Especially when trying to stretch it out for a long period of time. As kory_toombs mentioned, one of the most sickening aspects with MMO's can be despite being rather community oriented, it can be easy for many to lose/never get their own sense of purpose in the game.

I think the closest thing mmo's have to that sort of thing is with class systems, as they are roles that everyone understands. But this is probably why MOBA's are getting a lot more attention now over MMO's because they streamline it and they remove the feeling of being restricted to your class since characters are interchangeable between rounds.

To sum up, though I do personally really like mmo's I understand that they really aren't for everyone.

Your MMO "chronology?"

Yeah, I mentioned DFO in the opening post, at the time I guess it wasn't really my cup of tea. It wasn't until Vindictus came around where I started to really get a grasp of the instanced, high-action gameplay so who knows? Didn't know it shut down, maybe I'll look into the relaunch! :D

It's good to see a game improve over the years. Never played Rift myself but I've always wondered about what goes on through the minds of developers when they have to make a whole re-launch or revamp from P2P to F2P. One of the most intersting things I saw was the post-mortem to All Points Bulletin's cancellation of P2P.

Anyway, thanks for sharing guys! It's always cool to see how different titles appeal to different people, and with the posts accumulated so far it almost makes me wanna draw out a flow chart of who was playing what game at what time in our "MMO-history" haha, looking forward to more stories! :D

Your MMO "chronology?"

@RyaReisender (I was actually gonna stop doing this "@" stuff but you posted at the exacted same time I did haha)

To be fair, my disappointment with RO2 wasn't really based entirely on RO1's praise. As I've mentioned, it was more from a mixture of the game having a name of an acclaimed title, and the trust I had developed with the Aeria guys for publishing stuff I was into. (And also RO2 went full F2P which was another factor that drew me I think.)

Speaking of which, Lime Odyssey I actually knew of and was actually hyped for, had no idea the RO1 team was involved. It was allegedly gonna go into western CBT... but I guess it broke down overseas before that happened... which is bizarre because you can still sign up for western CBT... it's like they're doing the "cannot confirm nor deny" fiasco, all their network stuff is still active just silent...

Your MMO "chronology?"

Yeah, Diablo 2 is what every ARPG to this day wishes it was. Will it ever be "surpassed?" Who knows? xD

Your MMO "chronology?"


Though I wouldn't call it an MMO I do remember lots of talk that Diablo 3 was in a real sticky situation. Even past all that DRM nonsense, the gameplay wasn't compelling and with that auction house it was like why was gameplay even necessary? I've heard the Reaper of Souls thing was trying to address some of that stuff, but I haven't looked into it. There were good alternatives though, Torchlight 2 scratches that ARPG itch pretty well coming from the former Blizzard North guys who made the original Diablo titles. And I heard that Path of Exile game (which is an mmo) was getting some pretty darn good reception. The former was $20 and the latter was free, in terms of features and pricing the alternatives could easily be more appealing (and probably are).

Your MMO "chronology?"

Should have given Ragnarok Online a number so you comment on it too. =p

Never played RO1, only heard the high praise for it. (What was the payment plan for that game again? I'm pretty sure it wasn't F2P which is probably why I didn't have access to it.) I think that Trickster Online game I mentioned was trying really hard to be Ragnarok, but I wouldn't have been able to tell. I think I mentioned earlier that out of interest from what I heard of RO1, I chose to try out RO2 when I saw it on steam and then... ugggghhhhh

I don't know exactly what turned me off so much from that game because as you guys know by now I've played a lot of stuff that Aeria chooses to publish... but I dunno... there was a uniqueness of RO1 that I kept hearing about that I was absolutely NOT getting by RO2. And the visual style really hurt my head too, I understand they were trying to recreate the color palette from RO1 but all that freaking HDR lighting on that vast amount of green was hard to look at. It was like someone put an instagram filter on my screen then turned up the gamma haha. From what I recall there was gripes I had with the interfacing too but whatever, point is I did not stay long at all with that game.

Who knows? I could be wrong, if anyone has some more informed thoughts on RO2 please free to share, it was just that the first impression I got from it was a *severe* turn-off.

Your MMO "chronology?"

I have NEVER played Runescape or the Final Fantasy MMOs. I think that's a rarity among MMO players, isn't it?

Nah I'd say that's understandable. Those games were popular but not something one might call mandatory in your "MMO library" haha, there would be very little incentive to play either since you already playing WoW. Runescape only got real popular because it was generally free and just ran on the browser. It was something you didn't have to wait to go home for since you could just play it at school or at the local library. With the FF MMO's, the only standout was probably with FF-XI, no one really liked the initial FF-XIV and I haven't really looked into much of a consensus on Realm Reborn. To sum up: Runescape was extremely behind in all departments next to WoW because of it's technical limitations, and the only good Final Fantasy MMO at the time was growing older while WoW just gets expansion after expansion.

Thanks for sharing UPRC! Pretty neat list, I almost forgot there was a Star Trek MMO. But you also mentioned SW:tOR. This reminds of that stuff I was talking about with marketing, because I just remembered the absolute intense (and most likely misplaced) hype that those CG trailers got for the game. This is a scenario where the marketing is like "too successful," the whole biting off more hype than they could chew thing. There were a lot of people who were actually more eager to see more of the CG animations than the actual game itself.

Your MMO "chronology?"

Slightly off topic, but I checked out Aura Kingdom's steam page (I don't need to go there since I just have the client) and I found this haha:

I guess I'm sold! xD