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That System Graphic looks familiar. It's a really good one. I like the idea of having a Creation system like Orge Battle but instead not have it draw out as long as it did in the PSone Version.

Lets Design a Real World Map! Right Now! WIth VX and Photoshop!

Looks awesome! But you ignored the water. You could throw in a few ships (traveling along major trade routes) and a sea monster or two in there(these could be in locations where a sea monster actually resides, in game). Oh, and don't forget the legend, showing the scale, the name of the world, and the year the map was "drawn up."

I added a few in tests but they ended up making it look cluttered and tacky.

How'd you decide on a game title?

I'm going to make a topic about my game's logo design soon but as I'll explain there It takes me ages and I mean hours and hours of googles and generators to find the perfect set of words that work with the game and aren't already used by something.

I can't tell you how many times I came up with an awesome game name only to find there was already a game with that exact title.

Open Sandbox Engine

Looks very, very interesting. I'm subscribing to stay updated on this and looking forward to some more screenshots.

RMN scheduled maintenance - *complete*

Screw it I'll just kill myself.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

IW's senior designers arn't exactly there anymore so I doubt they can object to what Activision wants.

New Video - Lions in the Forest

Smexy presentation. I was messing around with Melody and never figured how to get rid of the Turn Rows at the top left as I didn't deem them necessary. I like their custom icons and the Status Screen.

I also want to compliment the epic Battle BGM.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Red Dead Redemption came in the post today. Gonna boot it up, install it to the HHD and waste a few hours away.

Send Me In Coach! Review Event

I'm pacing through Ebon Scape. Quite enjoying it.