Was deemed by the Arishok as one who commands a great deal of respect. Was recently thrown out of a wheat field for going against the grain. Once conquered Rhode Island using a can of lima beans, a yo-yo, and a used copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 on Blu-Ray. Is a founding member of the band Bladder Failure, whose hit single "Flushed From the Bottom of My Heart" spent nearly six minutes atop the Canadian Top 10 (until the software glitch was corrected). Invented the word "zfaifnv" while trapped in the back of a UPS truck with a flatulent snapping turtle.

ALSO: Does not tolerate use of the word "when" under any circumstance.
The Legend of Blake
Embark upon a journey to become a legend. Or not. It's up to you.



How do you make enemies?

Indeed, the vicuña is a far more understanding creature. (Actually, I'd never even heard of them until just now.)

The ^ < v game

^ Has a wand. And is probably a Hufflepuff. Wanted me to mention Mead binders, folders, and notebooks for some reason... And expects said products to pair well with brie.

< Is a Gryffindor. Does not work in the fancy shit cheese department at the freaking grocery store. In fact, rarely deals with food of any sort. My role is data integrity. I make sure everything is scanning properly, make all of the signs, put up the stupid sale tags, etc. When I'm bored, I do deign myself to physical labor, but even then, I don't do cheese.

v Is a Slytherin.

How do you make enemies?

I've discovered that a good way to lose friends is to imply that their mother is a llama. Alpacas and guanacos REALLY hate that. Leaving rotten turnips in someone's sock drawer is also a sure-fire way to unfriend them.

Though if we're being serious, I am literally the same as kentona. Except not Canadian.

The Ban Game

I ban pianotm keeping brie in the fridge. Man, nobody wants people like that around here. :P

The ^ < v game

^ Eats way fancier shit than I do.

< Is eating Cookie Crisp. And has never had a wedge of brie in the fridge.

v Has alektorophobia.

The Mess-up A Wish Foundation

Granted, but it gives you gastrointestinal distress. Sorry.

I wish that a giant wind gust would blow all of the leaves out of my yard so I wouldn't have to rake them.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

the way you have to torque your wrist to hit the B button is horrid, and you need a double-jointed thumb to hit X, and the tiny C-stick is unreachable. On a normal SNES or Wii Classic controller, your thumbjoint rests comfortably on the B button and the other 3 are quick and natural and easy to reach.

the three-pronged N64 feels more natural, and that's saying something
lol dud ur wack man heheheh :P

I guess I can see where you're coming from; the button layout for the GC controller isn't always ideal. I know that the Mega Man Anniversary Collection was virtually unplayable for me due to the GC controller. But in most cases, it worked just fine. I guess it just comes down to personal preference... like... everything, I guess.

The N64 controller is a curious creature, though. My time spent with it has been very limited, but I'm not even sure how to hold it. I guess a lot of people hold onto the middle prong and control the stick with their thumb, but that just feels wrong to me. I have to hold onto the left side and operate the stick with my index finger on top/thumb on the bottom. And even THAT is awkward for me.

How do you make friends?

Hi five, Alpha. XD
Right on! Those three hobbies have killed more hours of time that I could possibly hope to recount, but it's all time well spent, I think. I'm sure you'd agree. XD

The Ban Game

I ban Marrend for not bludgeoning me with inspiration. I remain uninspired.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Wow, that must be some grocery store. I work at a grocery store and the only video games we have are like... Deal or No Deal for the DS. They go straight into the bargain bin. That must be some family you have, too. My parents won't come within 20 feet of a video game.

And despite my anti-amiibo stance, I know I won't be able to resist buying a few for the same reasons as you. I have a shit-ton of video game figurines sitting on my shelves, and I probably won't be able to pass up the opportunity to have Link, Mega Man, and my beloved Robin on the shelf. But that's where they'll stay. I'll never EVER use them in a game! I mean it!

The GC controller is the worst controller I've ever used. And yes I had an N64 and Atari 2600.
The Xbox 360 controller is probably my favorite, though I have no issues with the GameCube controller. Honestly, I think it's probably Nintendo's best controller (maybe second to the SNES), though that isn't really saying much. I hated the Wii Remote + Nunchuk, I don't like the GamePad, and the Wii U Pro Controller... well, that right C stick is totally in the wrong spot.