I had to "Old Yeller" my old laptop, a laptop that has given me a decade of entertainment, became the ultimate retro console thanks to emulators, and has allowed me to pursue my dream of being a game designer with both RPG Maker & SMBX. Now, ALL of that work, is gone. This is not how my 40th birthday should be. I am dead inside now. I just don't give a shit about anything anymore ;_;
Dragon Quest Remake (95%...
A remake of the classic 1st Dragon Quest with RPG Maker MV



[RMMV] Error Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

I just recently uploaded a demo of my game Dragon Quest Remake & apparently it has an error that I don't know how to fix. It gives me an error at start up: Error

The problem is that I can't open the console when it pops up (already Deployed game) & this error only occurs after deployment. It doesn't occur when I playtest it from the editor.

I'm using MV ver. 1.5.1 & gamepage is here: Dragon Quest Remake (Demo)

Here is the list of Plugins I'm using:

Dragon Quest Remake (95% Complete Demo)

There seems to be a problem with the demo starting up. I've taken care of the audio file error but there's another error that I'm gonna need help resolving.

The current error that's a problem is:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

What's odd is that this error doesn't occur when I playtest it in the editor, only after deployment.


Yeah, the enemy sprites & music are from the Android/Mobile remake while the Item Icons are ripped from DQIX for the DS.

RMN YouTube: The Revivening!

You mean the 1st two? That's understandable. The Super Talking Time Bros. LPs are some of the best ones I've played.

RMN YouTube: The Revivening!

What about LPs of non-RPG Maker Games like SMBX?
Thanks for the suggestions! How's this for a start?

Nice! I just subscribed! Will you upload all my other SMBX LPs too?

RMN YouTube: The Revivening!

What about LPs of non-RPG Maker Games like SMBX? I have quite a few LPs of various SMBX episodes, including; The Default Episodes: The Invasion 2, The Great Castle Adventure, The Great Empire & The Princess Cliche, as well as RMN Bros. 1-3, World & Yoshi's Archipelago, Last King of Hyrule, Super Talking Time Bros. 1, 2 & 2.5, Mario's Mansion 1-4, and maybe a few others.

I would mention my preview for my Dragon Quest remake but I've put that on hiatus due to MV's & Plugin's BS.

NeverSilent Streams: Super RMN World 2: Yoshi's Archipelago! Part 1

Oh yeah. I forgot about that feature. Too bad I'm not fluent in 'chipmunk'.

NeverSilent Streams: Super RMN World 2: Yoshi's Archipelago! Part 1

Wish I had time to watch it, but I'm restricted to my local library's computer which has a 3 hour time limit. Watching a 2 1/2 hour video in that restricted time is too much.

Super Dr. Toadly World

You can stay on the event without actively participating. It's a shame about your laptop, though. That really sucks!

OK, its still there. Yeah, my home life completely revolved around it. Games, Music, Anime & Movies, Manga, H, Pics, etc. Without it, all I have is an antenna with shitty reception, a SNES & N64 with only a small collection of games & a moderate collection of DVDs. Its barely enough to keep me occupied (read: sane).

I'm back in the Dark Ages again. I might be able to hold out for a year before 'Cabin Fever' sets in.

Super Dr. Toadly World

Well, I have some bad news. My laptop went out of commission last night (screen is non-functioning so I can't use it), therefor, my days of using SMBX are over for now. Its gonna take a long while before I can save up enough money to get it either fixed or replaced entirely. This means I can't edit my Poison Mushroom Factory anymore nor can I make the other 2 levels that I was planning.

Also, this means I can't record videos anymore, so no testing videos from me on this project. Not only that, but that means I can't upload anymore videos to Youtube, meaning my YT account is pretty much dead (as far as uploads are concerned). At least I got 1 in before I 'kicked the bucket' so there's that. I may or may not be online anymore because of this. Anyway, this is my official & unfortunate resignation from the project.

I hope you guys will strive to make this a good project. Should I be able to fix or replace my laptop in the future, I'll be looking forward to playing this.

Edit: Seems removing myself from the event made my submitted levels unavailable. Does this mean my level won't be in the project after all?