I had to "Old Yeller" my old laptop, a laptop that has given me a decade of entertainment, became the ultimate retro console thanks to emulators, and has allowed me to pursue my dream of being a game designer with both RPG Maker & SMBX. Now, ALL of that work, is gone. This is not how my 40th birthday should be. I am dead inside now. I just don't give a shit about anything anymore ;_;
Dragon Quest Remake (95%...
A remake of the classic 1st Dragon Quest with RPG Maker MV




Why are your shores made of ice instead of a normal land edge?

Silver Night's Crusaders

Just out of curiosity, what engine is this being made on?

SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

Oh I remember that fucking lil' cheater.

SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

So what's the deal with this Boss Rush download?

Dragon Quest Remake (95% Complete Demo)

The game is about 95% complete. All that needs to be done is the final events with the Dragonlord, the credits, and the 1 obstacle holding me back is the inability to have enemy skills play their animations on screen (such as fire breath attacks). Once I find a plugin to make that work I can finally put the finishing touches on this & call it complete.

Arcanion: Tale of Magi

What engine are you using?

SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago

how can i get the flower in the area where yoshi is in nighttime oasis? i tried to jump from the bird but it seems that I'm not high enough.

Watch my video above & skip to 29:00. I get all 5 flowers.

Mario's Musical Marathon

I've already uploaded my LP of this to YouTube & submitted the video to the media section, but apparently whoever is in charge of approving media uploads is asleep at the wheel because it still hasn't been approved yet so here's the video of it:
(Gameplay ends at about 37:38 & everything after that is a status update since I haven't uploaded a LP in over 2 months)

Mario's Musical Marathon

I don't know why you released that README in .odt format, but Microsoft Word had trouble opening that document because it was corrupt (contained unreadable characters). But you should've saved it in MS Word as a .docx file.

Anyway, getting ready to LP this, should be able to complete it in 1 video.

Mario's Musical Marathon

I guess I'll do a quick LP of this either tonight or tomorrow.