Giving Feedback: Pass or Fail

Yes, the intro is laughable and horrible, but after enduring it, the game is great...well except the story, characters.


What are you thinking about right now?

Some part of Twilight the new movie is being filmed in Squamish where I live. I'm considering ending Edwards life for the benefit of mankind.

Just do it and the whole fanbase goes with him, wich is excellent thing.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Some of you may recognize this screenshot from an old RM2k game that never happened.

This is my own rendition, belonging to my game, which will probably never happen.
This looks really great, name of the game?

By the way I took all things into consideration, edited the map, thank you for feedback and you may use any custom art I do, only people here on rmn.

What are you thinking about right now?

seriously? you're going to 'wait' for an adolescent girl you've talked to on facebook to turn 18 in four years so you can date her?

might be THE DUMBEST thing i've ever heard suggested. fuck that, it definitely is.
This and you will also be the laughing stock.Please just stop,stop for everything that is holy, there are tons of decent/pretty lonely girls in your age, just find some in reality and stop.


Messy isnt style, I done messy stuff too, until I understood that pixelart is really hard on details,because you have to think and experiment on adding any detail. Adding less details not only makes working on a piece much faster, but it makes it easier to look at. Clean lines arent that hard to accomplish nor lengthy, you just need to have some experience and know how to. Here is some totally basic pixel art principles tutorial.
I understand you want them done asap, but I know that making messy sprites takes alot of time, when I started doing really easy shaped, not so many details and went alot faster, as I said they are not bad, they are pretty good, only messy.


Ugh it is very very messy, its not bad only really messy. You must understand that golden rule of pixelart is less is more, because you cant add so much details on such small scale, its possible, but it will look really messy wich reduces quality of piece drastically + clean lines are really important, because again it will look messy. Remember less is more.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

A abandoned cottage in the middle of an unexplored forest, you may notice some custom graphics mixed with the old ones.

Bumpy Ahead

I prefer quality over quantity, so take your time, relax, because you are working like a robot...


What about quit?