Gender Roles in Gaming

The truth is that men and females alike, in the whole world had to idealise, as almost everything, into perfect role models, wich in their own eyes look perfect. Every persons basic instinct is to be perfect, so the neverending quest for perfection, wich in my opinion is impossible for us humans, is key to this whole gender rolemodel problem. You can see that every culture shows perfect man with different traits, for one culture a man should be smart, for other he should be savage brute, for one culture woman should be housewife, in other she should be a sexy slut.

These standards are stated by the society, ussually these rolemodels are fixed from early childhood to late teen years and ussually these rolemodels are fathers and mothers. Now we can use the old motto or whatever it is: "Sins of our fathers".

These "perverted" ideals of man and woman are result of shattered egos, traumatized childhoods and other psychic problems, wich undermined their manhood or womanhood. For instance one boy was bullied at school, was laughed at, declined by other gender or had family problems, these traumatic incidents shatter his natural growth from boy to man, if they are not cured, then the effects will change his life, for instance when he was bullied, he will find comfort at supermacho superheroes who beat the crap out of anyone or he will vent his frustration on someone weaker etc. etc. later he may become overly aggressive, cowardly or a machoist. The day, when he starts his family, all these uncured and unresolved problems pass on his children, like genetic diseases. It works for the other gender too, vice versa.

Sure, natural exhibits of masculine and feminine are important for self growth,as you know that way we balance the testosterone and estrogen levels in body, but when these exhibits get way off, like we see in games, films and other stuff, then you know that the person who made them, idealise them could be a person who went trough traumatic incident, wich upset the balance in his life. Surely, the modern day commerce,politics etc. etc., I bet even in the old days, misuses these "hurt" people, to fufill their goals, from selling the newest deodorant trough making cheap whores to creating obidient cannonfodder, trough gender roles.

Lastly the cold hard truth in my opinion is that this whole "how to be a real man" or "how to be a lady" is total bullshit and waste of time, because the answer is mindblowingly simple, look between your legs.

Well this is how I see it.

I made a shield (emblem)!

Nice nice nice...Im just curious how you were able to mill that character, because ussually when programming milling machines,well programs we use, you only have perfect lines,circles and geometrical stuff or by any chance did you did it manually? What CAD program are you using and what kind of material is it?


Im not going to point out the obvious, so to make it look more like he is sucking the life out of her, she should be struggling, because, I dont think being bitten in the neck and having blood sucked out is comfortable or orgasmic. A sense of struggle would be good and you should point out that the vampire has the power, I think a good idea would be placing his hand on her neck, pointing out he is holding her to not struggle, she could be weakly punching or something. She looks stiff too, you could make her leaned more.

Colors over the River II by lithyeld - Colored

Just a small tip, find a photo similar to this drawing and choose your colors from there, so you don't end up painting everything with the same tone.

Well, that way you wont learn anything. I would say experiment, try different colours, go wild and find a photo to compare to.

Stand up Comedy anyone?

In my opinion majority of stand up comics are lame,well for some exceptions.

Real-World Settings

In my opinion advantages are that you dont have to come up with lore, history, nitpicking etc. etc. you have believeable world,development will be faster, some interesting choices.
For disadvantages you wont be able to make original world, lore etc. you wont have so much room for your own interpretation as in fantasy setting, you will have far less options available.

Communism as a world power in 2020?

You forgot to add switzerland as neutral.

Random Art Topic

One of my newest creations, I dont know Im kind of sad how it turned out, I dont know its kind of sucky, I really dont know how to improve it...


I've just uploaded some RM portraits to PixelJoint (although they are 1,5 year old). I hope they allow hotlinking and you'll be able to see them below. They like being zoomed in, BTW ;)

Great work,mainly the colours, they give it great atmosphere.

Emo Require: Do RPGs need a story?

It depends on what you define as Role playing game. In my opinion they dont need story, look mainly at MMORPGs,sorry I cant think of anything else at the moment, they ussually dont have any story and people still play them. You could say Sims is role playing game too, because you play a role, you have all different stats, but everyone else classifies it as really it just depends on how people see RPGs and to answer OP question- they dont need story, but story is very vital in RPGs.