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Paper Mafia

This system makes things a little weird. Any of the people voting to lynch could just be mafia spreading their votes around the town, since any one vote means death. I kind of doubt it, though.

Honestly, I'm not really comfortable with no lynching. My gut says that Shinan isn't town, but I might very well be wrong. If he is town, I don't think he's a power role. I'd rather keep my vote where it is than vote for anyone else because I don't know the alignments of the other people voting. I'm an owl.

Paper Mafia

Zeuzio, you two talk a lot. That's why. Maybe too much!

People who don't talk and don't kill are enemies of the town and must be eliminated, just like we are going to do to Shinan today. Unless y'all want me to use my nuclear bomb ability.

Paper Mafia

As much as I want to kill and murder everyone, having taken the mantle of Despite upon my shoulders, I would like some reasoning for why you want to get rid of Zeuzio.

Paper Mafia

It's pretty clear that Clae soft claimed an audience member, yeah.

Gourd Clae, would you like to explain your anti-town behavior before I use my awesome dayvig powers to murder you

Paper Mafia

I don't believe you have to, it just helps for the person running the game to be able to skim posts and see the votes jump out.

Paper Mafia

Hrmmmm, seems like we got some Shinan defenders in here...almost as if he was a part of some kind of team. some kind of EVIL team.

Paper Mafia

I suppose CAVE_DOG is joking, Shinan can hardly be very suspect, or he's trying to provoke a reaction.

I am not joking. He is not 100 percent totally suspicious, but as far as d1 lynches go, this is good enough.

for a start...

Paper Mafia

It appears it is time for Cave Bog to blaze the trail.

Shinan's post is very suspect to me. I highly doubt he would make a mistake like being unable to know what day and night phase are since he played in the last game of mafia. I think we got some kind of Bowser, Rawk Hawk, or maybe even Wolfman here.
vote Shinan

Dungeons and Drag-Queens Call out!

NAME: Ashley Elliot
SEX: Male
Preferred weapon: He likes to carry karambits or "indie daggers."

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"Denki u~eruku...prepare thineself"

Dorakyura launches into his Spinning Electric Crane Kick of Beauty. Streams of ki, aura, and chakra are flowing out of his pores as he sprints forwards, jumps, and does a spinning roundhouse into the snail's face. (Note: this is actually only what he wishes was happening. What is actually flowing out of his pores is body odor. The kick is also more like how you would kick someone in the shins, but he's trying really hard.)