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Paper Mafia

Because Pyrodoom could be Koops, and we don't want Koops to die, and he can't protect himself.

He was going to die if he did NOT roleclaim. I don't see what the issue is here.

IF pyrodoom was Koops:

If he claims: He is killed during the nightphase
If he doesn't claim: He is killed during the dayphase, then another townie is killed at night.

If Pyrodoom was NOT koops:

If he claims: He is protected for a while and then dies, probably.
If he does not claim: Dies during the day.

Pyrodoom claiming was a better idea in every situation

Paper Mafia

Evidently, I can't even spell my own user name.

I've generally thought that you were a townie, but this statement you made

I'm pretty sure the villains knew who each other were because it should have been part of the PM Trihan sent them. Specifics, such as exact roles, may or may not, have been a part of that PM.

Is extremely weird and villainous-sounding to me because of the second sentence. It strikes me as very unnatural.

Paper Mafia

3. How would this even happen and how does it have any bearing at all on this hypothetical?
They'd go right for Koops if they knew who he was.

@Marrend I was honestly expecting you to say something regardless.

Yeah, of course, but how does that have anything to do with pyrodoom roleclaiming? How does pyrodoom roleclaiming contribute, in any way, to the revealing of who Koops is? Yeah, of course if Koops gets revealed that's bad. The same could be said for ALL of the hero roles and even the audience members to some extent. It's such a non-statement that I question why it was even said.

Paper Mafia

Well, if pyrodoom was the "Cop" we are royally screwed.
Let's hope the cop is still alive and can gather a solid amount of investigations quickly before claiming.

As for today, I hate to be a dick, but I am not entirely convinced about Shinan yet.
(Someone remind me again, what was the reason to vote for him?)

I'm going to leave this to get things moving further:
#Eject Idida1

You posted your suspiciions for Little wing guy and mirrormasq, mirrormasq's reasoning being that he is lurking as you have been doing, but nothing about Idida, not even in this very post. Please explain your reasoning for lynching. People keep saying "I don't like to randomly lynch so I will not vote Shinan even though Cavedog is Supercop and investigated all the mafia d0" and then seem to ignore posts like this.

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
Would you like to explain how having a hero roleclaim (we didn't even know if he was a hero or audience at that point) and be under Koops' protection would be somehow WORSE than killing him?
At first, it wouldn't, however:

(1) Most obviously, this rule:
If he successfully protects a hero or audience member, he can't protect during the next villain phase as he's recovering.

(2) As the game goes on and fingers are pointed at different people, it would be harder for the Koop to correctly predict the Villains' target(s).

(3) What if the Koop themselves is revealed?

What is this?

1. So what? Having a hero alive for one more day is clearly better than having him dead.

2. As the game goes on? If pyrodoom claimed hero, he probably would have been either a. not targeted if he was not the cop or b. been alive for one more day, again.

3. How would this even happen and how does it have any bearing at all on this hypothetical?

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
Judging from past Mafia games, I disagree. There was quite a bit of "please don't lynch me I am xxxx person" from what I could tell.

Also, thanks for the clarification, Trihan.

What? Saying what your role is when you are about to die is totally, complete different from just general posting and scumhunting.

Regarding Shinan: I cannot deny he's pretty suspicious, and if he's not a Villain he must be a simple Audience Member otherwise he wouldn't be acting so...strangely. Ejecting him would definitely clear up who of the two (CAVE_DOG and Shinan) is more likely to be the Villain, although, thinking about it, there isn't a law that says they can't BOTH be Villains. Got my eye on them, at any rate.

Haha, why, with all the evidence contrary to the fact, are you still tunneling me and branding me a villain? It's kind of ridiculous, all the legs you don't have to stand on.

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
Again, having him Roleclaim would be of benefit to a Villain/Mafia/Bad Dude.

Would you like to explain how having a hero roleclaim (we didn't even know if he was a hero or audience at that point) and be under Koops' protection would be somehow WORSE than killing him?

Paper Mafia

Personally, I think the little weirdos who only came out of the woodwork to pile onto pyrodoom are also suspect.

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
Okay, I'll try accounting for the Villains knowing each other from the start.

Consider this: by the time CAVE_DOG voiced that he didn't think pyrodoom was a Villain, there were already four votes cast against pyrodoom. At this point pyrodoom was pretty much a sitting duck, so isn't is possible that in order to make himself seem like he was on the Heros' side, he stuck up for someone he knew was an audience member?

*another crackpot theory courtesy of Yellow Magic*

My post was not as much "Hey I don't think he's mafia" as it was a direct appeal to pyrodoom. "Hey, Roleclaim or you are gonna die, bud." Conceivably, this could be a mafia tactic if he had turned out to be mafia (Like if I had said this to Despite, for example.) but he wasn't, so. Unfortunately, Pyrodoom only saw fit to post when someone invoked his name in a way he didn't like or something. He was a sitting duck at that point AS LONG AS he didn't say anything else.

Additionally, as I wrote earlier, having town members 'post post post' could get them accused very quickly if they weren't careful.

The possibilities of town slipping up and softclaiming cop are a lot more remote than mafia saying something they shouldn't have (or posting in a ridiculously weird manner.) in my opinion.

I don't get all this anti-town throwing around. How am I anti-town? I am not the one trying to lynch people without evidence. In fact I've yet to lynch anyone apart from Trihan.

This is a game where our cop, if our cop is still alive, is only going to be alive for one more day after claiming. We can't only go on evidence. Mafia is, at its core, a game of guts and intuition, weighing each person's words on the scale of zzzzzzz

I'm clearly trying to be a townie.

You could say it's my technique to try to be as suspicious as possible because what mafia would go around being blatantly suspicious?

Even knowing how you acted last game when you were a cop, this is still unbelievably weird.

Paper Mafia

something to add:

if you are town, never worry about posting any thought at all that comes into your mind. you have nothing to hide. your mind is clear and free of guilt. that's what separates you from the mafia. town people can speculate, accuse, speaking of which,

Eject Shinan

retract, whatever as much as you want and think out loud as much as you want because you have no knowledge you need to worry about concealing.

mafia have to lie in every post they make about any other player or the game itself. they carry terrible baggage in the form of knowing who is town and who their mafia friends are and have to choose their words carefully because every post is an opportunity for them to slip up. that's why they lurk and post awkward things and only make dumb jokes that have no impact on the game.

if you are town post post post. It is the true path to being trusted. If you are mafia, post post post as well, because you will probably screw up.