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Are we lynching Trihan?

Lynch Trihan

page 1: makes joke about not knowing what hero/villain phase is.
page 4: makes joke about being a villain. (The mark of a gutsy mafia member)
page 6: total nonpost about what day 1 is.
page 8: "Uuuuguh"
page 10: lynch trihan

you are either a scummy scumlord or an audience member who needs to actually play the game.

Who was it that was against theyellowjester yesterday? He's out now; maybe that's indicative of something?

Not really indicative of anything. Mafia certainly can kill people they try to lynch, but there's not really any reason to make it that obvious. Could always be a double-fake, but I don't see any reason to obsess over this detail.

Now, yellowjester did say that gourd was suspicious, but I don't really think this is enough to lynch gourd. That said, yellowjester seemed to be new to the game and made a total of three posts, only one of them having any substance. I would consider more who would think that such an individual was a hero trying to lay low. I'm tired.

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

I may have missed something, Marrend, there was a lot of jumping around to cover.

And no, rabitZ. No you don't.

hahahaha town's gonna bite it so hard

Dungeons and Drag-Queens 2 - Gazpar Wiles

Dude I'm not gonna betray my maggot familiar or anything but camels are boss.

Paper Mafia

Yo pyrodoom I don't think you're mafia personally because I think you would have thought a little more about what you were doing if that was the case but if you're some kind of town power role you need to stop being a weirdo and save yourself from dying.

Paper Mafia

author=Little Wing Guy
I kind of hate the fact that eleven no lynch votes, just gets completely disregarded by two lynch votes. But, I guess a no lynch basically only happens on the first day... Still =(

And pyrodoom, c’mon now, don’t even try and tell me it was a coincidence that you replied one minute after your name was first mentioned. I’m not impressed with you, young man. I stalked Despite’s profile and yeah, he hasn’t been very active. Trihan can actually look to see if he has read his role PM yet, but I guess we’re not allowed to know that.

If we HAVE to lynch someone one on day one, I would probably vote for Despite because he’s inactive. The day doesn’t end yet, so I’ll wait for him.
#lynch Little Wing Guy
Also, it WAS just a coincidence that I came after my name was called...
asshole. -_-
P.S.: I forgot that this game even existed til' I saw there a new post on this thread.

Haha, wow, you're really going to vote him for saying you are suspicious? You are.

Paper Mafia

I'm just saying that lynching someone that is, from my point of view, probably town, is probably not beneficial to our cause (which is killing bad dudes)
That's not the way you were thinking last game. I don't see any reason to change the way you're thinking this game Dog.

I still say Shinan is suspicious by the way so

#lynch Shinan

IF you'll recall, Despite was not town last game, and he was trying to kill dudes. My entire thing last game was that killing someone on day one is better than not. Here, he has said nothing, and there are better candidates for lynches.

Paper Mafia

I'm just saying that lynching someone that is, from my point of view, probably town, is probably not beneficial to our cause (which is killing bad dudes)

Paper Mafia

Honestly, the fact that despite has not posted yet pretty much means, to me, that he is a vanillia townie.

Paper Mafia

He probably abandoned the game because he's not an amnesiac or a vigilante and is just a toadstool guy, lacking the capability to kill people at night at any stage of the game.

So, with how the votes work in this game, it would be doubly beneficial to establish someone who is "clear" at some point in the game so that we don't have this vote-spreading wishy washy nonsense. Unfortunately, we have a dearth of protective roles so this will not be easy to do. aroooga

Paper Mafia

Hello >:(

Pyrodoom, why are you actively lurking. Why are you doing it pyrodoom. That's bad for town. You don't want to be bad for town.