Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



Let's Play: Dead Moon Night

Hey, thanks for streaming the game! Glad that despite all its shortcomings you could enjoy it.

Sunken Spire Review

I honestly have no idea how you can write one of the most coherent and generally positive reviews we've had and then give it a 2.5...Thanks anyway?
(Sorry, it's a bit shocking and upsetting since it's our baby and all. Good review tho)

Nice to see you liked the mapping and exploration (my job!) It's true that due to time (one month for IGMC 2014, the nightmare...) some aspects had to be rushed (the puzzles on certain areas are kind of a joke. By far the aspect that suffered the most was balancing the gameplay, we were SO rushed to the deadline we had literally NO TIME to fully test the combat. It was that close (and we got knocked out of the contest due to a last minute bug so there goes that XD) Being disqualified at the last minute like that kind of soured our drive, so we never got around to re-releasing a rebalanced version.

I do agree the story came off rather weak. Since the game was initially meant to be a short thing, just "climb a thematic tower, no need for fluff" meant we didn't think up anything too extraordinary, and it came to bite us in the ass.

One thing I have to protest on, tho: the dash isn't being disabled. The ENGINE does walk speed with a Dash on button press. We already changed the default to a toggle (so you don't have to keep pressing it at all). Putting that on us is kinda unfair, of all things :<

About the Arum Universe: there were (unobstrusive, I think) cameos in quite a few places, but outside knowing more about characters (Alma and Elsa have their own games) it didn't influence the game at all.

Anyway thanks for the review. A pity the balance at least couldnt be a bit less rough, but it is what it is.

Subject Review

*picks jaw off the floor*
*hides blushign face*
Thanks for the glowing praise! Honestly people get such mixed receptions with this game (I agree with a lot of their complaints, mind) I'm honestly very happy you picked up on a lot of the stuff I set out to do. Not everyone had the patience (or frame of mind) to look into things past what was spelled out, and the game came out rather vague as a result for some.
Thanks for the excellent review, it's more than I deserve m(_ _)m

April was a Fool Review

I'm curious on what you thought of each character route (but then again I'm nosy and a rabid fan of this game). Still, approve Kent as example of "OH SHIT" XD

Rootbound Review

Thanks for the review, Kylalia! Glad you could enjoy the game in some capacity. I'm fully aware it's rather messy. What with the crushing time threat and no real plans it's a wonder I finished it at all XD

Arum, the RM Universe

AAH, AeGIX. That explains why I didn't remember, Fomar played that one, not me.

Arum, the RM Universe

Sorry about the uber late reply, things got busy for me.

>Arum=game WORLD.
>Games take place IN the world.
>Games made by anyone (as long as you don't destroy what other people have made)

The entire point is to have actual GAMES with content happening in the shared game world. I assume you got tripped up over the map donation, which was something we tentatively set down where people who wanted to do something but not GAMES (for whatever reason) could instead make maps for other people to use as they liked (a free map pack, in summary). I mentioned that we definitely prefer GAMES (aka self-conclusive, finished CONTENT) rather than just loose maps (empty scenarios). Hope that covers what you're asking.

@Cap_H um? Aegis who? What games? I'm pretty sure I'm familiar with the folks who've made games in the Arum world and that isn't it?
Also it's outdated because the project is housed back at RMW:
since I don't hang around here much.

Arum, the RM Universe

Yes, but it would have to be encrypted. We can't allow piracy. If it was open, people could take the resource packs they don't own for free. (Aka the maps could not be "donated" to the project). You can make your own GAME with anythign you like, tho.

Born Under the Rain Review

Hey, thanks for the great review! Specially happy you enjoyed the mapping so much (which took me forever, stupid pyramid). (Backstab was also my fave skill XD)

Arum, the RM Universe

The map topic is to "reserve" a spot for the countries where games takes place. It serves as a way for everyone to keep track of the world so they have some idea of what's around. You can either post there or tell me privately, either works.

As for the game itself, giving me notice/a link (if the game isn't hosted in RMW) is enough.

Tho now that I think of it, if what you want to do is exclusively map resources rather than GAMES (which is the main point), doing so with a pay pack like the samurai one would be disallowed, since it means people could get those maps with pay resources for free (aka pirating). Sorry :/

Map donation (pay pack problems aside) is fine as a solo project file, doesn't NEED to have eventing inside (tho of course it's not disallowed and if you want to make a small "sample" game to present the area that's fine).