Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



Arum, the RM Universe

Demon Hunter Review

It is still unfit to be a review on the site, it's not informative and a 4.5 star rating is not justified (Note that I have not played the game at all, but the review does not point to that in any way).
It's unfair for this to pass when so many other people do their best to review things in an appealing way, cmon :/ If it has a 4.5 score at least explain why. It gives a really bad impression on outsiders who read this. It looks like fixed favoritism or similar, which I assume isn't the case.

In Search of Dragons

Glad you enjoyed it. I want to finish the game sometime, but it's at a low priority since it's quite old and needs to be revamped gameplay-wise (the person who did the gameplay for the demo is not around anymore) and overall I'm too caught up with other projects.

So it'll get finished some day, but I can't really say when.

April was a Fool Review

@Craze: The glorious sadism of the bad endings can bump 0.5 alone, yeah ;-; Thank god they're optional or I'd cry forever OTL

As long as I WAS FIIIIRST! (to review) And would have been by a wider margin if the site didn't take so long to approve reviews, dengit. *said by the dork who quickly made the review when she heard other people were gonna, coz I'm 3 apparently.* I LOVETH THIS GAME, I MUST BE THE FIRST TO SCREAM ITS PRAISES FROM THE REVIEW HOUSE ROOFTOPS (no those external sites who did short pieces do not count, damnit)

April was a Fool

Adding in actual rpg components would have been a WAYYYY different breed of monster, so I don't really think it's fair to ask that of it, personally.

April was a Fool

Finished Let's Playing and uploading it entirely. I loved it.
KENT IS MINE, don't listen to Fomar!

Let's Play: April was a Fool (All routes)

Unsure if this is the correct way to go about this, but edited the post to add in the rest of the game. It's complete with all the routes now. (I hope this is correct, if I should make a new submission for each piece instead please do tell).

Let's Play: April was a Fool (All routes)

Huehuehue, I have friends in dev places.
The only reason I did not violenrly bully my place into testing was because I wanted to LP it >I


This was an early test build of the map to show off, not a real ingame screenshot. Alma's sprite got changed and edited so this one wasn't used XD

Subject Review

Edit: I didn't realize this was a reupload, ignore me.

Thanks for the flattering review! You praise it more than I expected XD

The game was cranked out in two days, it was my first visual novel, and in fact my first "narration" writing for a long time (I'm now used to doing game dialog) and it was also my first time doing horror, so this was one loaded mofo to spit out in such short notice, so it's got tons of flaws.
I'm still quite proud of how it came out despite its limitations, and I'm glad you overall enjoyed the experience. I do admit the details are TOO vague. I had no real grip on how to handle giving info without giving TOO MUCH away (heck, some people knew what the "twist" was like when they first saw the mirror in the first room XD) and I assumed the post-end logs would be enough, but they also came out too obscure.

Some spoilers to (hopefully) help you understand what's going on:

The whole game plays with the concept of twisted perceptions. Natural things are aborrent or poisonous to you (as seen in the greenery and forest) and humans are irritating (and you see them as monstrous), as well as appetizing once dead.

The green logs are written by the special forces sent to retrieve you, but the one in white from the Trap ending is actually from a scientist that owns the house where you are.
As for the monster ending: it was my favourite and I wanted to clearly portray the twist and making the protagonist lose themselves completely.

Eh...I'm rambling. Long story short you're an experimental subject whisked away to a scientist's house, so the company that carried the experiments is coming to find you. On the side you have, let's call it, "the friendlies" who are trying to contain you peacefully to escape with you, and the "bad" scientist who wants you for his own devices. That sorta thing. And then you snap and kill everyone :D