Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



Our Desolate Planet

I played a bit of this (up to meeting the old man in the tent). It's a bit difficult for me to pinpoint exactly why I don't like this game much. I guess it comes down to it feeling very rough in most places. It has decent concepts but the execution seems a bit untested: the dialog can be quite shaky, the tone wobbles a lot during the intro, music comes and goes, the first area's mapping makes no sense...
It could be a good game, but it needs a solid testing and editing, I feel. As it is, I just could not get into it.
I streamed the game and you can (if you like, but be warned I kinda bash it and I swear a lot by default) watch it over here. I felt a bit mean uploading it as media to the game page since it's so negative and short.

Myriad Cypher

Well, I...tried this out. I have nothing to say since there was not much I could seem to DO in the game and the missions ran out quite quickly. I assume it's still in the very early stages and not a real “demo”.
Zooming around in the ship was fun I guess XD
I didn't feel too comfortable uploading the video here since it doesn't really go anywhere, but here's the livestream of it.
That aside, congrats on getting something out for the jam!

(Edit: reading the coments abvoe leads me to believe I somehow missed most of the content? Welp, not much I can do bout that now, my bad)


Sorry, I could absolutely not get past the “combat” system. It's an absolute deal breaker for me, and I can't operate it with any kind of efficiency to even get past regular combat without throwing the desk out the window in frustration. (I will say this is mainly due to my taste and not necessarily a pure fact).
I do believe the system is a bit too obtuse. For example, having to first select the type of reflect and then place is an extra step that's a hassle, why not simply push the selected reflect to place it?
The explanation is also quite quick and goes by without explaining anything past “be smart”. I'm not smart at all, coz I can't do shit and I couldn't see past my frustrated rage at how THIS DIPSHIT WON'T STAY STILL AND THE GIRL HAS THE AIM OF A HEDGEGOG RIDING A ROLLING ORANGE AHHHH!

Kudos for the custom art, tho. It was not the prettiest ever but in its own way it was cohesive (except maybe the sprites were a tiny bit shoddy, but in the time limit of the jam I'm not gonna bitch about it that much).
I got no real story coz I could not get past the second enemy (I got too frustrated, I told you I'm dumb), but the concept of magic as an exploited everyday thing was interesting, even though I could not see much of it.

Even through all that, congrats on getting something out for the jam. I streamed my (frustrated) Let's Try of the game, it's over here (but if you watch be ready to hear me pretty much just bitch all the time. I can't deal with the combat at all ;-;) I didn't upload it here coz...well, it's pretty negative and I get in trouble when I post those short "GAH I QUIT" vids here XD


Welp, played the game (only one ending). If nothing else, it was a very, VERY pretty game, so extreme kudos for that.
It was overall a simple and enjoyable (most of the time) experience for me. I enjoy exploration quite a lot, and if anything I felt there was not ENOUGH of that, tho I completely understand the deadline and new team setup influences that and it's not any real criticism.
I did however get frustrated with collision and passability issues during puzzles and chases, where I felt the game got a bit finicky, which I assume would be eventing/programming, but was still annoying at times.

The first time the distortions appear I squealed in glee quite loudly, so yeah, the game is pretty as all get out ;-; I did have some issues recognizing which spaces were impassable, especially for the alien flora parts sometimes, tho.
Also, I was SO SAD I could not pet the alien. I wanna make friends with the alien damnit! I'll feed it astronauts and we'll conquer galaxies together, and I'll ride it like a t-rex!
But it only wants to eat me. Unfair OTL
I missed 4 notes and got ending 4, I think. I was surprised and a bit put off by the fact the game took over at the decision at the very end rather than let me choose, but oh well. I suppose it depends on your ending.

Tl;dr I liked it. Some problems with frustrating puzzle issues at times, but overall good.

I submitted my stream/LP of the game and it should be approves soon, I hope, or you can see it here.


*ahem* yeah it was by far my fav game submitted for the jam, no contest. I had some nitpicks with the interface layout and display, but (I think) nothing that can't be fixed.
I only played the first intro mission, but I'm in love with it. I streamed it (I submitted it as media, should be up soon, but you can see it here) and I will try to continue streaming it another day (I wanted to play all the games so I couldn't dawdle too much today.

+Engaging and to the point intro. Those are surprisingly rare
+Interesting and well introduced cast
+The robot sprites are SO CUTE
+Music is coolio
+Writing is nice. Not the BEST THING EVAH but it works really well and makes a good job presenting and conveying everything properly without running too long
+Lucia is a baddass. My kind of gal >:D
+Having two actions (atk/def) per combat is interesting and useful
+Combat is simple so far, which I like coz I'm a complete wimp and enjoy feeling BAD ASS (fuck yeah one shot the first boss with Lucia XD)
+The mech "cockpit" visor for the hud makes me feel like a pilot XD

-The comabat hud has some wobbles here and there with the displays
-Duplicate Attack and Guard commands, Guard is the second command (so can't skip past quickly).
-Can't view states on enemies or allies, which gets a bit confusing
-Skills tend to lack impact or perform slowly (in the case of guard skills) due wait times and sound effects not quite matching up to the action sometimes.

(I see what you did there with the chest gauge. Reminds me of a certain CHAIN...XD) long is the game? Is this a demo? If I keep playing and I get cockblocked ten minutes in I'm gonna be so upset ;A;


Glad you enjoyed it! I'm aware the game is not for everyone, short and rather rushed, but I'm pretty proud of it considering all the problems it came with (no experience in the genre, two day time limit, not very good at horror XD)


It's...a fantasy game, right? Even if it's so weird to you, it's still fantasy world. Why is it any weirder than having monster features or anything of the sort, just roll with it.
I like her, but then again I have a major weakness for baddass ladies and she looks like one so *-*

McBacon Jam #1

Hos strict would the deadline be? We can upload a version now, but one of our members is in the middle of testing and one-two hours would be ideal.

McBacon Jam #1

Can we get a timezone and actual time of the end? That's always a problem with jams :I (Can someone put up one of those handy website countdowns)