Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



In Search of Freedom

Commercial game. Doesn't have a game page yet, will prob have one soon-ish.

In Search of Freedom

Beatrice is 55-65ish, probs ;3

Very glad to hear you enjoyed our games! We're also lookign forward to coming back to this once we clear our main project, eventually OTL

In Search of Immortality

The green "dude" is Elsa from Grumpy XD (She didn't have a ACE style sprite so I jsut whipped somethign vaaaaguely similar with the generator).

An RM Venture

DO EXCUSE ME! Our game was perfect with extra cream and a cherry on top, no need for assumptions! XD

Except a couple bugs and that problem with the torches, but other than that!

Final Quest - The disciple's journey

WOOOPS. The ember was a bug. Darnit. ><

Thanks for the praise and glad you enjoyed the game!

Honestly I believe you when you say the "master" joke was repeated a bit too much, but considering I evented and wrote he whole game in one night I was a bit on the vein of "FUCK THIS JUST GOGOGOGOGOGO!" XD

Final Quest - The disciple's journey Review

Wee, thanks for the review! Glad you liked he game.

About your ending confusion:

Ulrika knows Ernest would not easily part with ehr, training finished or not, so she lies to him saying they're just going to train. She sends a letter to an old friend (the demon king) and his minions indeed set to the task of playignt he aprt of bad guys, but the demon himself fails to notice/forgets.
Ulrika tries to play her part in the plain and fails miseably because she's way too good-natured to play evil, so she sort of bumbles around a bit. Upon reachign the demon king she fully expects him to play along, but when he doesnt and blasts Ernest she totally loses her shit and thrashes the place.
While there'0s no set background sotry between Ulrika and the Devil kign the idea is that they've been friends/enemies for a very long time, Ulrika possibly beigj slightly older, having saved the demon a few times in his youth, but also thrashed his place a few times (shes' still an adventurer and all).

Also there is no "training school" or anything, as I see you assumed. Ernest is just apprenticed to Ulrika herself, probably not content with just magic skills and wanting to learn the ways of the sword. Who knows.

TL;DR: Ulrika and the Demon are simply old friends/rivals that have known each other for a very long time, and a lot of things happened.


Their design is loyal to the rtp, as was the point of the contest.
And yes, Ulrika is older, she's meant to look it.

An RM Venture

I'd like to report we blundered a bit. We included all our files but the game.ini file still tries to egt the RPT. OTL I added a patch in the download page to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

An RM Venture

Submitted. It's 8 am, I'm dying. X_X off to bed.

In Search of Dragons

Ahaha, that is obviously gone way past. THere were a lot of factors invovled, but basically once I started working with Fomar we started making new projects (and mostly finishing so hey, that's something) and this got pushed away to the backburner.

I can only promise it'll be finished some day, but I can't really say when.

We want to tackle it after our current project, but we will see. When it's done, I'll say ;)