Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



"On Let's Plays" - Dev expresses plight over how LP's have impacted his game's sales

I THINK this has not been said, but for LPs I find a LOT of people don't look out for specific GAMES, but rather follow youtubers whose content they generally enjoy and come across games this way. It's my case for sure, and it's thanks to them that I decided "Hey that looks cool. Imma get it too."

I don't count LPs as a loss of sales. As I see it (and I could be wrong)there are multiple outcomes to seeing a LP:
>You decide it's not your thing and stop watching, and it ends there.
>You decide it's neat and keep watching.
->Early in the LP or at the end you decide that sounds really fun and go get the game yourself.
->You watch the LP but don't get the game because:
-->You don't feel like you'd enjoy actually playing it or just wanted to spend more time with the particular youtuber's commentary.
-->You want but can't get the game (for money or avaliability reasons).

None of those are harmful to the developer, and I don't buy into the argument at all much. The most extreme cases of linear games with low interactivity could be a problem, but we enter the tricky part of "maybe don't make it a GAME then?" it's hard to judge.

The thing I feel is the most mismatched here is thinking that people SEEK OUT the game rather than come across it BECAUSE someone I already followed decided to play it. I can count the times I've seeked a specific game's LP with the fingers on one hand. I usually just check out what my subscriptions put out.
And yes, I ABSOLUTELY have watched LPs ONLY because I wanted to hear the commentary and had no real interest myself in the game. Hell, it's the most common case as I don't follow many youtubers who do longplays or ANY LPs of RPGS.

tl;dr I can't see LPs as harmful and a handful of tricky cases don't make me want to change the system as it is.


McBacon Jam 3

Are we doing show and tell? I can show off my mapping! (maybe later we can also show Fomar and Scin's work when its a bit farther along)

^ A little dancing puzzle. It even responds to input commands. (It's silly but it took me forever to event (I'm TERRIBLE at it) and I'm so proud XD)

Now I'll think 100 times before releasing my next games on this site...

*squints at this*
Are you kidding me.
"my goal was to take some inspiration from the project but I don't know why, I just copied the game"
But in the other status it's a "OHH NO INDRA YOU ARE BEING TOO AGGRO"
"And why would I copy your game? What I will gain to make a game similar to your game? Yup, so please think a little bit before saying that I ripped your game or whatnot."

That was what. 4 hours later? God knows I don't want to drag this forward (seriously I don't but I can't just swallow it up and say nothing either, so I'll vent a bit) but way to switch sides man. You do realize this is bullshit? Cause it is. God.
YEAH IM DONE VENTING ILL SEE MYSELF OUT can you blame me tho this is bullshit

So yeah. Go do your thing man, and good luck, but I hope you learn from this.
(And next time maybe say sorry to my face after that callout in the other post. Coz I didn't even see this till someone pointed it to me).
Yeah, yeah, fine. I'll shut up. Being too aggro but cmon anyone would be :/

Just a note; I've remoed Lunar Quest's page because I actually don't want anymore comments or stuff that says I copied Indrah's game Star's Favour or something. I respect your thoughts but I simply could not bear with it. Thank you~ ^^

I wondered for a while what to answer to that but all I can think of are probably argument starters, so yeah. Do what you want, but don't try to change the story to make me somehow the bad guy just cause it gets uncomfortable in your end.

Also, they're all free resources but the ENTIRE aesthetic of the game was the same. Everyone can see that at a glance. I elaborate further but I doubt it'll go anywhere.

I'm out. Please don't take inspiration from my games again if this is how you operate down the line. Cheers.

-edit: oh, I saw the other status. Just beautiful. =_=

Just a note; I've remoed Lunar Quest's page because I actually don't want anymore comments or stuff that says I copied Indrah's game Star's Favour or something. I respect your thoughts but I simply could not bear with it. Thank you~ ^^

So...I glanced at your last pasts (long story, was looking thru Solitaire's reviews and saw the one for your game was linkbroken then looked into it bla bla)

I notice you mention "This game was planned in my head long ago before Star's Favour was even released". Huh. Considering the first version of the story I heard was "I was inspired by your game" this is odd.
Okay. Then why did you use all the same resources, such similar character designs, same tiles, similar maps? You even asked where to find the same portrait types.

I'll be frank, this is starting to get iffy so stick to one story, please.
I've made a point of making no comments so far to not create a confrontation but this is starting to get uncomfortable. All I ask is that you don't keep changing the backstory. I hope you can understand how that comment is galling as it's making me seem like the one who somehow took the idea. Come the fuck on.

I'm not aiming to make you remove your game or whatever, but please don't turn as if I'm the villain here. Cheers.
(I would have posted this on the game topic but it's gone so *shrug*)

Star's Favour Review

Nahh, it was cool. Was I supposed to cringe? I've read a few reviews of yours long ago, can't remember if they were particularly harsh, is that it?

Star's Favour Review

Of...of all my games to be reviewed by a legend, why this one. WHYY *cries*


Well, that wasn't SO bad. It's not a good game, I have no excuse. I pulled it out of my ass in a week just to regain some dev practice when I was stagnant and the first time ever I handled gameplay at all. So the fact that it's not a complete trainwreck will have to suffice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It is true that I initially wanted this as a much longer thing and left it open. I'm not sure it'll ever come to anything since I already have so much in the "gotta finish this someday" shelf, but who knows.

Thanks for the review anyway! It could have been so much worse XD

Star's Favour

*briefly considers leaving mister puspose in there*
Naw fine i'll correct it.

Star's Favour

Download added '3'

Also I'm putting this out now: THE GAME HAS NO PLOT. I REPEAT; THE GAME HAS NO PLOT! It's a really silly romp and the weekly dev time definitely shows. Don't come in expecting something grand XD

April was a Fool

Gunn's bad ending is the most adorable thing I've ever written in my entire life to be fair.

You people are all sick ;-; *hugs poor Gunn to protect him from the crazies*

@Kylalia: pretty sure Craze mentioned the GOOD ending? Where the thing you mention doesn't happen (thats the BAD end). Are you maybe confusing the two? if so:
Erwin and April ending as just friends, is the GOOD end. April "becoming someone else" is the BAD end. In fact, any endings that are overall enabling bad behaviors on any characters are the BAD ones.

Tho I agree from a "dating game" perspective Erwin's Good end was kinda lowkey, I didn't protest too much becuase I didn't like who he was for most of the game. Let me tell you slamming the bastard with my fists was JOYFUL XD As far as his character goes, I agree with his endings, even if the good one doesn't tickle my "I want romance!" bone.

Kent is where my money is at anyway. And Gunn and Gabby. Erwin is a piece of trash~ (said lovingly joking, but really, what a hoe XD Being able to bash him is the best thing about him)