What is the perfect encounter rate?

I can guarantee you that if you think "random encounters" are a good gameplay mechanic then you have put zero thought into making your battles fun and engaging (or misdirected thought entirely), thus rendering them a chore.

Oh? Because last time I checked, the fun factor (or lack thereof) of battles is independent of how they are initiated, but by all means, prove me wrong. And yes, I do think random encounters are a good gameplay mechanic. I also think that the battles themselves should be strategic rather than Mash-A-To-Win (a design decision that has nothing to do with encounter type), but according to your logic that's a misdirected thought.

What is the perfect encounter rate?

I don't know why people are still shooting blanks when I've already given the correct answer on page one.

Except your justification has absolutely nothing to do with the encounter system itself. If your battles suck, it's because there's something wrong with the battle, not because you used random encounters.

What is the perfect encounter rate?

It doesn't matter how much you like random encounters or how good you think they are. The majority of players cannot stand them, no matter how clever a twist you think you put on them. Unless your game is only geared toward the tiny minority of players who don't mind them, you are giving the finger to most of your players by continuing to subject them to random encounters. If you came up with this brilliant and novel way to implement a game mechanic that randomly kicked the player in the groin with a steel-toed boot every 30 seconds, then it doesn't matter how clever you think you're being, because you're still kicking your player in the balls.


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just because you have an opinion does not mean your "millions of downloads" agree or that your thoughts are unanimously accepted by everybody in the world

From what I've seen here and elsewhere, the "majority of players" aren't as opposed to random encounters, or at least as vocal, as you are.

And if I as a player come across a groin-attacking steel-toed boot that I have to activate manually, then I'll simply ignore the boot, and the designer might as well as not implement the boot in the first place. But if your battle feels like a kick in the balls in the first place, then you're doing something wrong and it's not encounter type.

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