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Classic RPG adventure



[Not sure if right board?] RPG Maker (and possibly other GMs) Video Game History

Didn't read all that, but in the heyday of rm2k/3, there were sites like Charas-Project.net and gamemaker.com (I'm not sure if it was gamemaker, gameworld, or some other variant). Charas had a massive selection of resources for rm2k/3, mainly because there was little to no filter in regards to what people were allowed to upload. They also had a pretty alright rm2k/3 sprite generator. I'll put emphasis on the word alright. I say "had", but I know atleast Charas-project is still around. I'm pretty sure gamemaker, or whatever it was called, is long gone, but it always seemed to have more activity, more members posting games and resources. However, pretty much all games hosted on either site were from independent file-upload sites that don't exist anymore or who's links were taken down due to inactivity or age. So, I think you're about right, rpgmaker.net is the best resource for almost all existing RM games from rm2k to vxace. Anything else that isn't uploaded here you'll have to dig through google for and hope you can find a working link or archive.

I don't know how you'd go about finding so-called lost RM games from users who don't participate in the community anymore and who's internet tracks are lost.

Axv or mv

It's a little early to say, don't you think? I would personally wait if you don't already have vxace, atleast until they give a release date for mv.

Videogames reduce crime

I've never noticed you before but now I can't not notice you with that avatar.

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Rick and Morty forever and forever a hundred years!

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Dynrpg is essentially a better realized CGSS. CGSS was canceled a while ago.


Eh, I might as well throw my tech demo in the hat. Its a short game with a cbs for rm2k3. I cant link to it as I am on my phone, but it is the only game in my profile. The only recommendation is that you select turn based instead of time based battles.

There are some graphical bugs and maybe grammar too but nothing gamebreaking that I know of.

Edit: oh and it uses dynrpg, so if you open it up in rm2k3 and save the project it will break.

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Videogames reduce crime

Populo grosso turned on its head

RPG Maker MV announced for PC and MAC

I’m hoping that the eventing process will be very similar to 2k3’s and it will be able to handle a lot more going on than what VX or VX Ace can do. I mean, scripting is great and all, but I do miss being able to make all sorts of crazy shit using just mainly events, and it’s a shame that VX or VX Ace can’t replicate some of that same functionality like 2k3 can – but whatevers.

Exactly, I never understood why great features of past makers were forgotten about in future releases. rm2k3's eventing system and sideview options, XP's awesome mapping system, etc. I just want more customization options outside of a high-level scripting language... as has existed in past makers. For a program designed to create games based around complicated menu systems and battle algorithms, games based around retro graphics/pixel art, and party and inventory management mechanics, all with the slogan 'even nubs can gam mak!', the actual ability to meaningfully edit any of this without learning ruby is severely lacking.

and yes, I want the scripting language, too, but I feel like ruby became a lazy replacement for a lot of features that should have been default, putting the onus on the community to find workarounds for a program they paid a lot of money for.

Videogames reduce crime

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Edit: turn out, yes, it is.

Who is your favorite rapper orrap group?

I don't listen to a lot of rap, but recently I've been really getting into Deltron3030. He might be a bit corny, but I kinda like that about him.