I like to mess around with pixels and pretend I'm really good at being creative. I also hike, travel, write songs, play music, make pizza, eat pizza, drink coffee, drink more coffee, and enjoy long walks on the beach.
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The official English 2k3 version is out!

There was never a promise of anything in the EULA changing, only a possibility. I think those involved have been quite clear that while they are doing everything they can, not to get your hopes up that Enterbrain would make such a radical change to their legal policies.

Yes, I think most everyone would agree DYNRpg should be allowed under a revised EULA.

But you have to pick your battles. There are alternatives. We also can't bemoan what we have gained through the extraordinary efforts of the indie developers who fought for a Legal english translation just because we didnt get everything we wanted.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Seriously, bulma you're way too serious. I am super stoked about dynrpg possibly becoming legal but if not... Oh well! Adapt! Evolve! I've spent months working on my custom battle system using dynrpg plugins and it sucks to think all that hard work could amount to my game being technically illegal. I wrote my own music, made my own sprites, and wrote mu own battle system using clunky rpgmaker2003 events.

Working on this project was rewarding and a huge learning experience as a whole. It sucks waiting for a verdict, but oh god damn well. Whatever Enterbrain decides will not detract from what I've learned and taken away from that experience. As artists, even as just hobbyists, we all have to move on and push ourselves to do new and challenging things using our past experiences as guides.

Rm2k3 has been a past experience informing my future endeavors for a long time now. In order to grow, you need to move on, man.

EDIT: In regards to your complaints about vx ace... this screenshot was taken in rmvxace when I was messing around with it. So, pretty much, your argument about it being ugly graphically because of its tiles being 32x32 and its chibi vanilla charsets is totally invalid.

This is not an Onion article. Seriously can't make this shit up.

I drink a beer or two or six every other day. I guess I'm a scumfuck drain on 'society'.

This is not an Onion article. Seriously can't make this shit up.

Now that we've sufficiently derailed this thread with our moral relativism...

This is not an Onion article. Seriously can't make this shit up.

Broad generalizations, that's how I win arguments.

Corf, if you want to be bitter and look down on people to make yourself feel better, you are more than entitled to do so as you please. It is certainly one way to go through life.
I haven't done that shit since I was a teenager. Nobody does that shit unless they've got some serious developmental problems. Nowadays I'm just genuinely upset that people decide to throw their money and health into this pit. Not to mention the fact that, once this kind of thing starts, it falls on the rest of us to keep them from hurting themselves/others, which is a pretty shitty and selfish thing to do.

"I want to drink, so you're going to be my designated driver."
"I've got my own life to live; I'm not going to drive you."
"Fine, then I'll just do it myself and kill someone."
*grabs keys and trashes evening plans*

Because everyone who drinks is incapable of having only one... and nobody takes a cab or walks to bars to avoid driving or being a burden on other people... ever... Spot on.

And I'd be more inclined to agree with you that alcohol is a dangerous drug. It kills far more people than weed. They're not even comparable. I just think your perspective is seriously misinformed and skewed. Any friend who puts you into an ultimatum/guilt trip as the one you hypothesized probably does other shit that makes them a terrible and non-empathetic human being as well as a reckless drunk. But you can continue to cherry pick hypothetical situations and ask me to prove negatives, if you really want to. It only further makes you look silly and invalidates your own arguments.

Fundamentally, this argument comes down to what you believe addiction actually is. Chemical? Or more socioeconomic? My position is that while substances have properties that manifest physically as what we know and see as "addiciton". (Example: withdrawal/hangover) there has to be some other mental or emotional state of mind or outside influence that pushes a person to continue to use their drug of choice past the point of reason and in turn harm themselves against their own best interests. And you can decide how that makes you feel, how those people should be treated, that's another argument entirely. The point is, it's not as simple as doing a drug once or too much and getting hooked. Mentally stable people don't become addicts for a reason. So your assertion that, across the board, all people who drink or smoke weed are infantile, stupid, or a waste on society, is not only ignorant and offensive, it's straight up false.

This is not an Onion article. Seriously can't make this shit up.

Broad generalizations, that's how I win arguments.

Corf, if you want to be bitter and look down on people to make yourself feel better, you are more than entitled to do so as you please. It is certainly one way to go through life.

This is not an Onion article. Seriously can't make this shit up.

The article does bring up an interesting point about the ecological ramifications of a mass production of a narcotic. I mean, the bunnies aren't going to become killer monsters from eating a bunch of marijuana, but they're probably going to become slower, easier prey. Thinking about how our actions impact the world around us is a good thing, although in this case, yeah, it's more fear mongering than anything.

Honestly, though, I've had bad experiences with the drug and I sincerely hope Australia keeps that shit away. No, not kidding here. Of my four brothers, three of them smoke it on an almost-daily basis and what used to be happy, well-adjusted men are now lazy, hateful, assholes. They push everyone away, are consumed by the habit and have changed so much that it's hard to see a glimmer of who they used to be. And it's all on weed. Fuck that shit. Fuck it to high hell.

Don't get me wrong, if you smoke I'm not gonna tell you you shouldn't - that's your choice - but honestly, I can't see the appeal at all for dosing yourself with a soporific and just being fucked up by a drug. There are better ways to escape reality if you need to.

(That said, I hate all forms of drug - alcohol, smokes, weed, harder stuff - so it's not just maj I hate, but in this case I've seen what it can do to people - and people close to me at that - so it's earned my eternal hatred.)

But... People huff paint and aerosols. People do crazy things to escape reality. They are addicts, they have a problem and need help. I've seen people on both sides of the spectrum, people who use recreational drugs like alcohol and marijane without a problem, and those who abuse it.

There's also huge political ramifications of its legalization to take into consideration, at least here in the US. There are people serving long jail sentences for having a little bit of weed on them. The 'War on Drugs' imprisons people for non-violent drug offenses, most of which stem from marijuana possession. Hell, a five years ago, when California had a ballot question regarding the legalization of marijuana, the Feds threatened quite openly to come into the state and arrest people for possession if the state authorities weren't going to do it. The stigma of pot puts people behind bars unnecessarily. There's also the fact that the Mexican Drug Cartel has already taken a huge hit to their... "sales", for lack of a better term, because of what's going on in the State of Colorado, which recently legalized the sale of marijuana. Take a look. Any negative impact on a murderous criminal organization as such is a plus in my book.

I understand your personal experiences have been powerful, and I hope you can understand that I've watched friends and family members destroy themselves through addiction as well, but there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what addiction actually entails and what causes it.

The funny thing is, I don't even smoke weed. Makes me paranoid.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Actually, I'm curious. Has the "show Picture" command been optimized? Meaning, if I have a custom menu that rapidly calls the "show Picture" command, will it lag the engine? Of course, the term "rapid" is relative, so for the sake of this argument, let's say every tenth of a second.

Also, does the 0.0 wait command still give you the 1/60 second wait?

This is kind of a general question for anyone who's used the 1.10

The official English 2k3 version is out!

The program itself is not a "bonus". Nobody in their right mind is buying this strictly for the RTP. That's just silly.

I can see the updates and tweaks to modernize the engine as being worth 20 bucks, but not the RTP. And yes, I'm slightly changing my opinion, because I think Cherry's work is worth 20 bucks a download. Which makes me wonder, though probably confidential, I assume you and your team would be compensated, Cherry, but are you?

EDIT: Also, essentially what bulma said about cost and such. But if Cherry says he is hopeful about future iterations, then I will shut my trap on the matter and wait and see.

And awww snap, I just noticed this was released on my 25th birthday. Holy crap, what a coincidence!

or is it? :o

The official English 2k3 version is out!

I understand and I am hopeful. It's just my opinion that rm2k3 isn't worth 20 bucks wihout DYNrpg. Even with all the fixes and additions, which are great, and the fact this is even a reality is astonishing and Cherry and his team deserve all the praise.