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So lazy he made dynrpg... as well as a host of useful patches -_-

Ideas for plugins in dynrpg

Number 9 would be fantastic. if i may add to that list a designated switch that toggles on/off if any map event is active. this will make coding a cms less painful. the main idea being preventing acces to a menu during the middle of an event processing commands.

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Alright, sounds good, thanks for the tip!

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Well, would maybe someone like to point me in the right direction for my idea? I think I'm just gonna crack open dynrpg and see if I can implement a simple code that writes skill indexes to a variable.

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From what I understand of DYN's functionality, that wouldn't be possible. I mean, maybe you could get a text dump of all messages. And that could be very useful in and of itself. But you're basically asking for a plugin that reads all messages from an outside source, and I don't think THAT is possible.

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You understood perfectly what I was trying to say about monster ID and battle position. Sorry, I'm not always the best at expressing ideas.

But I don't understand how this is accomplished without some kind of patch or plug-in? Looking in the battle event options, there are no functions for storing this information in variables. or did I not understand what you were saying about it being trivial? Unless you're saying that it would make more sense to create a plugin that allowed a player to change the algorithm for the regular "attack" option, which I agree. But cherry stated a few pages back there isn't a way to reach those algorithms with the current version of Dynrpg.

Either way, identifying a specific skill a player selects and creating a fork condition based on that isn't currently possible in battle events. But since skill IDs are set in the database, if this information was saved to a variable, that option would then be available to creators. A simple IF variable = skill ID, etc. I agree it seems like a simple thing to do, but it would open up so much customization. Examples: Skills with fire properties melting frozen statuses, skills with obscure algorithms like cutting HP in half, doing damage based on percentage of max hp, or (what I'm trying to do) working around rm2k3's limits to create different regular attack algorithms.

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Just a suggestion, but in attempting to create a work around for battle algorithms I've created a skill subset called "Combat" that replaces the regular "attack". I can link Combat to an event every time the player uses it but I cannot specify which skill they chose in that subset. This might be a simple plug in but could allow for much more customization within the DBS.

Every time the player selects a skill, the skill's index/ID is written to a variable. (would be nice to choose which variable that is, *hint hint!) This would allow very easily for the creator to set up a conditional event waiting for a skill subset to be chosen, and then use that variable to know exactly which specific skill the player selected.

Essentially opening the door for skill customization; attacks that function with any algorithm the player wants, attacks with special effects like particles, stealing items, analyze, etc

I know there are already ways to emulate skills like steal and analyze, but so far as I know, they are without the ability to target one single monster, or they have crummy looking work arounds for targeting. Identifying a specific skill being used would allow easy targeting.

but you know, it would be useful to be able to store all kinds of information into variables during battle. Monster x and y, monster index numbers, Hero x and y, uh, anything else people can think of. But especially a way to link a monster ID to the 'position' they are in any given battle field, 1 through 8. For example, to know that monster index 0024 is occupying battle position 4. In other words, to be able to use in a conditional branch 'battle positions 1-8' as a say a variable that log monster indexes. Hope that makes sense.

So yeah, another tl;dr, but hopefully this gives plug-in makers some ideas as I think these are the kinds of things really limiting customization of the DBS in rm2k3.

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Hey, decided to post here about my experience with DYNRPG so far. I love it. I really do. I'm not C++ savvy though, so I doubt I'll be making plugins any time soon. I know it's early stages in development, but I would like to point out something I noticed. I have large swaths of area, probably 50 x 50 tiles and larger where I have events placed that act as water tiles. I do this for the transparency effect. As stated above, transparency of events simply doesn't work anymore with DynRPG. However, on top of that, I'm experiencing severe lag issues in areas where large portions of transparency events are. I never experienced issues like this before and I've been using rm2k3 with maps like this for years.

Just wanted to bring that to your attention. Also, particle plugin is amazing. Hopefully later versions will fix lag issues with that, though they aren't huge issues right now.

Oh, and one more bug I'm not sure was pointed out, when a monster attacks, the window and text will stay longer on screen, which is great and I know is intentional. However, when a character attacks, the skill name will disappear faster than the window. The window lingers a few noticeable moments longer without any text before disappearing. Just a minor aesthetic problem.

Oh, and speaking of aethetics (so much for a short post), I'm so glad the reflect skill is is fixed, but there are severe graphical errors with heros with higher ID numbers. I've noticed the battle animation repeats three times and when a skill is used by a hero with a high ID number the animation will reflect back to the first member of the party but damage is still applied to the original hero who cast the spell.

Not sure if I'm repeating what has already been posted but yeah. Hopefully that's helpful. Sorry for the tl;dr