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[RMVX ACE] Skill Names Problem

EDIT: okay... I just figured it out... Sorry, I've been absolutely frustrated and just started replacing core scripts at random. I made a mistake in the Window_Base class.

OP: I've come across a problem where the skill names in the skill menu don't appear. It's not that a character doesn't know a skill, it's that the name simply doesn't appear in the skill list, neither does the cost. However, the description does appear. Now, I have quite a few scripts installed but I've done some debugging and removed all the scripts I added and the problem persists.

I have tinkered with the core vxa scripts but I thought I hadn't touched anything related to the skill scene. I'm just looking for a point in the right direction. I've been racking my brain over this for a week and I'm stumped where I messed up.

Btw, skill names do appear in battle.

of games, representation, and women's cheekbones

Was under the impression that cisgender referred to a societally accepted gender and sexual oriebtation, which would then refer to heterosexuality. So the only connotation is that it refers to hetero lifestyles in the senses that those who are cisgender may not understand what its like to live in a society that does not so easily accept other identities.

Hence the discussion about how cisgender developers portray other orientations.

When do you grow up?

"Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late." -some asshole on the internet

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not but it's definitely very useful. In rm2k3, and possibly 2k, setting a wait-time of '0.0' actually pauses the game for 1/60th of a second and can be used to create pauses shorter than 1/10 of a second or to reduce lag during looping events or parallel process events.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

You mean pics over animations? If so then yes. I used it in my project. Im on my phone ill dig for it when I have access to my laptop.

Pastor has a beef with Starbucks

It might just be the DD in my area, but I wasnt exaggerating.

Pastor has a beef with Starbucks

I'm not a fan of overpriced starbucks coffee, either. I mean, they're the guys trying to convince you this abomination is a tasty sandwich. Emphasis on tasty.

But Dunkin' Donuts? Dear God... No. Please. They are the worst. Their coffee twists my stomach into knots. If it doesn't melt the skin off my lips before I can drink it.

Arbitrary damage cap

I've always felt like caps were exactly as some people are saying, quick and dirty ways of dealing with end-game balance. I mean, realistically, you could lop off a digit from most RPGs and cap damage and HP at 999 and it would play the exact same.

Anyone else feel like large numbers are just illusions that give a false sense of progress?

[Not sure if right board?] RPG Maker (and possibly other GMs) Video Game History

Didn't read all that, but in the heyday of rm2k/3, there were sites like Charas-Project.net and gamemaker.com (I'm not sure if it was gamemaker, gameworld, or some other variant). Charas had a massive selection of resources for rm2k/3, mainly because there was little to no filter in regards to what people were allowed to upload. They also had a pretty alright rm2k/3 sprite generator. I'll put emphasis on the word alright. I say "had", but I know atleast Charas-project is still around. I'm pretty sure gamemaker, or whatever it was called, is long gone, but it always seemed to have more activity, more members posting games and resources. However, pretty much all games hosted on either site were from independent file-upload sites that don't exist anymore or who's links were taken down due to inactivity or age. So, I think you're about right, rpgmaker.net is the best resource for almost all existing RM games from rm2k to vxace. Anything else that isn't uploaded here you'll have to dig through google for and hope you can find a working link or archive.

I don't know how you'd go about finding so-called lost RM games from users who don't participate in the community anymore and who's internet tracks are lost.

Axv or mv

It's a little early to say, don't you think? I would personally wait if you don't already have vxace, atleast until they give a release date for mv.