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Your wish is granted. :D

[Action-Puzzle] DotPLUS

C'mon Max, it's just simple calculation! :'(

My next game will be DotIntegral and DotDerivative ;D

[Action-Puzzle] DotPLUS

There should be one but turned out there isn't any. :/ Also, glad to hear that you like my games. I hope you'll enjoy this on as well :D

[Action-Puzzle] DotPLUS


In year 2XXX, there is a rumor of a super computer called 'The Babel' that can grant you any wish if you get to its deepest core. You take a role of one of the most intelligent hackers with yourown hacking tool called "DotPLUS" that turn any security system into just a simple series of mathematics. However, breaking into the core of The Babel will be more difficult that you could imagine.

How deep could you go? Will you be able to get into the core of The Babel?


Left Mouse - Decide/Select Block
Right Mouse - Cancel/ Restart Block Selection
Mouse wheel up - Temporary fasten the blocks speed/Start the explosion

How To Play


- Clicking on blocks will add the block value to 'Current Sum'
- Match 'Current Sum' to the 'Target Sum' and all the selected blocks will be ready to explode
- Before the blocks explode, if you can form another group that makes 'Current Sum' matches the 'Target Sum', you'll start a 'Chain Combo'
- Once all the blocks are exploded, the new target sum will be releftsented.
- Once any blocks touch the top, you have 5 seconds to eliminate the blocks to get yourself out of this danger situation. Failing to do so will result in game over.

- If you want to play in fullscreen mode, open display.ini with a text editor and change the number to 1

- The more number of blocks used to match the sum, the higher the score you'll gain. So save the longest combination for a higher chain would be a better choice.

- Utilize "0" blocks wisely. They add nothing to the sum but they increase the number of blocks used , which mean higher score! However, not using them might fill your screen with a useless 0 and give you a game over :O



P.S. I can't submit this game to the site since I didn't use any of the engine in the list :/ What should I do in this case?

Persona 4

I think it's the English VA that makes Yukiko seems like Mitsuru. In Japanese version she has a softer voice. Though I think after you've raised her Social Link rank you'll see that she's really different from Mitsuru :)

Your Game Maker

I'd love to try ika too but it lacks packing system :(

Your Game Maker

RM95, made a parody game on it but never got to finished haha.
I also use rm2k3, finished some demos but not any full games :/
Then I moved on to RMXP. I finished only two games though. I've tried VX but didn't like it so I probably won't use it to make any game.
And then I use Game Maker. Very good for quick prototype game, but for a big long game it's pretty terrible. I have pretty hard time finding my variables.

Recently I've been moving away from the engine like Game Maker/Rpg Maker and started coding with Ruby and C++. I've finished one game in ruby with gosu library(Very cool game library, by the way.) I'm also planning on remaking some of my games in ruby game library such as starruby or gosu.

Now I'm starting playing with C++ and DXLib, a game library made by Japanese people and used widely in many doujinsofts. Hopefully I can finish some games out of it soon, which is unlikely due to the senior project that I have to finish :/

Persona 4

I've already beaten the Japanese version. But I'll still order the English version and am going to beat it again :) That's how great this game is. I actually like this more than P3 XD

RM RPGs...you have beaten

I don't really count the rm games I've played :S I put all the games into a folder according to its genre rather than the engine. ^ ^;

Anyway, Karsuman, could you please tell me what make you bore in U.S.G.? I'd like to know which area I should improve and make it more interesting :)


There is an option for you to choose the game difficulty. There are four difficulties, I think :)